Sunday, August 10, 2008

Analysis Resumes Monday

Just wanted to let you all know great comments on my in-game thoughts. My Aunt passed away last week, and services were this weekend. Due to that, I have not had time to re-watch the game tape at this time. (I'm sure you all understand and appreciate it)

Hondo did a pretty good job breaking it down (not that I agree with everything) and it is worth reading both his and Birkett's blog for good updates on the basic happenings at practice daily throughout camp.

I will resume with new analysis pieces tomorrow (be sure to check the comments on the Marinelli's Men pre-pre53. I made a comment with thoughts on possible changes.)




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt's passing.

NFL Network showed the Lions at 11am on Monday, don't know if they are going to appear again.

God I love the NFL Network. It gives you a chance to see things you wouldn't normally be able to see-like the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even though Gosder isn't up-to-speed, the front office seems to have made th eright choice between he and Albert (AYE, AYE, AYE)


DetFan1979 said...

She was only 50 - cancer. Very rough.

I taped the game as per my custom using good-old VHS. Still with you on the right OT. See that C. Williams (Chic) had surgery and is going to be out quote some time? Lucky for the Lions Chicago picked him first.

Wish I got NFLN but I don't want to pay for the sports tier to get it. Silly Comcast.

I might review it this week sometime, or prior to the Bengals game.

Todd said...

DetFan, also sorry to hear about your aunt.

I watched the replay on NFLnetwork on Monday at 12 here in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed watching and then coming back to see your comments, agreeing with all of your commentary. I really think Kevin Smith will end up starting purely one what you stated multiple times: DESIRE. He just wants to get yards more than Tatum.

I also absolutely loved the play action and boots. Even with plays that break down it is AMAZING with calvin and roy to see kitna be able to get out of the pocket and throw to them on broken looks so natural for Kit.

Side note, not to bash my favorite former dictator but I see the 49ers managed 6 points in the opener. Staggering offensive system they must have.

Watched the vikings game as well, they looked pretty scary on offense. Tavais absolutely rifles the ball and him and berrian really had a connection. Looked scary even without using AP. On the other side thought, one of the Williams's was out on the Dline but they really looked pretty aweful. Hope that continues into the season. GO LIONS.