Thursday, August 7, 2008

3rd Quarter

Interseting doing a "live" commentary. Harder than I expected to type and watch. I have a laptop next to the TV and thooks into the TV for online viewing. So I am using the wireless keyboard to type this as I am watchign the game, and taping it to look over later on our VCR. Good old VHS, huh?

Halftime is giing me some time for thought. In the first half, disappointemts were Cody and Devonte Edwards who both did not play up to their camp billing. Cannon looked great -- as did Dan O. It'll be interesting to see how much longer he plays before Stanton goes in. Time of pessesion at 17:13 to 12:47 Lions:Giants.

Ellis makes a nice tackle on ST to open the half -- but still not up to snuff on the coverage unit. Wilson is in -- lets see how he does. Fluellen makes a nice stop on Droughns. He is looking solid. Who is Leon Joe? ?? One of the nice things about preseason -- guys you never heard of, and will never see again. Huge missed tackle by Hicks. he was looking good until that point. Guess I better look up L. Joe. Dizon stuffs a 4th down run -- awsome -- steps around the pile, and nails droughns in the backfield. Good instinct on where to cut around the blockers.

It's nice to see the rookies making some plays as the 3rd stringers start coming in. Cason is running the ball now. Even he is looking better than bell, granted it's still teh backups at this point. If you can't tell, I was disappointed in how Bell perfromed in the on-on-ones. DanO still looking cool, calm, and accurate in the pocket. Wow -- Orlovsky tried to drop one in, defender got a hand on it, and Middleton made a great catch. Cason hit in the backfield. So far, Smith appears to ahve been the best runner by far. False Start Foster at it again. Ouch.

DanO had a nice drive going too. Like the playcalling still even if it is Vanilla -- the execution has been pretty good. 2nd and 16 -- miscommunication -- would have been a TD had Ellis gone into the endzone. If they are on teh same page TD. Cason not looking bad against the backups. He just may make the roster as a changeup back. I'm curious as to when we are going to see Calhoun. Pretty close to even on Run-Pass RAtion right now. Making it hard for the Giants D to figure out what they are going to do. They are already setting up a pattern of both running and passing from run and pass formations. (doing both out of both -- making it harder to anticipate, unlike last year's bulls eyes.) They still need to be getting soem longer runs out fo the run game, but those longer rusn that happen later in teh game will coem wehn they grind down teh D in teh regualr season.

Annoying -- talking golf instead of the game. Get back to football. D looking good still -- looks like the 3rd stringers have started rotating in. And Blue comes up and just crushes David Carr. And then Cason loses 2 on the return. Not so impressised by any of the returners so far.

Another nice run by Cason. He's looking pretty decent right now. Middleton makes a nice ST tackle as the wideouts seem the most determined to make teh battle for the 5th spot a tough one. As I said, the Lions have at least 3 gusy who may not make the team that could be solid 3rd or 4th WR for a lot of NFL teams.

Things are calmiing dwon as the 3rd stringers are in. Illegal fwd pass by Carr. What a horrible draft class that eyar for QB's. Whoo....

Looks liek Taye Biddle is gettinga shot to return a punt. Not much of a return. Doesn't make much sense to me. I'd like to see them give Middleton and/or Ellis another chance as tey are more like to be maiking the roster. Stanton looks like a Rookei right now. Not bad -- better than Joey did his first outing.

Not a bad run by Calhoun -- followed by a nice catch of a wobbly pass from stanton. I'd liek to see more of Calhoun. Leon Joe with another ST tackle, along with Buster Davis. Interesting. Dizon tracked play from behind. Stanley wilson is down. Ehw as laready on teh bubble, and if this is at all serious, I'm thinking he goes on IR or gets an injury settlement. And he is being helped off the field. Hate when they show interviews isntead of the action.

And the 3rd wuarter is over. From this point on, it's guys needing work and bubble players.

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