Thursday, August 7, 2008

2nd Quarter

2nd quarter -- #30 hits, but needs to wrap up! Boss on teh catch. Just showed 1st quarter stats -- somewhat misleading as the attmpts didn't go anywhere, but set up the passing plays. Lions LB getting the ball carrier very quickly on the run. TE still seems to be making a lot of catches underneath -- somethign the Lions really need to address -- although they stop him short of the first on 3rd down. FG no good.

Going back to the first quarter, so far even though the playcalling was pretty vanilla, the starters on both offense and defense for the Lions

Orlovsky in -- some pressure, but nice pocket presence by DanO. Nice run by Smith -- picked up a couple of yards on same tpye of blocking that got Bell no gain in first Q. nice hits on the 3rd down run -- the defender just bounced off him and he gets the first -- again, where Bell was going down. Nice play by DanO negated by a holding penalty on Cherilus -- rookie mistake trying to take too much leverage and maintained contact. Not a mistake we'll see him make for long. Difference between college and pros. Rattled him though, and he goes offsides -- another rookie mistake. Lets see hwo he recovers. Scott looks okaty in at LT. Nice patience by MSith on the next run play -- that 3rd down would be a pass in the reg season, but they are practicing the run. Nice gain on that one.

Coverage unit still looks shakier than I would like. though Cannon makes a nice tackle to end what could have been a big return. I tink I changed my mind -- I forgot how much Cannon brings -- especailly on ST. I think he's going back on my 53.

All 2nd stringers now. Devonte Edwards blows coverage - Edwards was in positionbut didn't make the play. Announccers said blue was s little late, but in the D he supposed to be coming over over and laying a hit to be sure the bobble is not cuahgt -- not make the INT. The underneath routes again are killing them -- they really need to work on that. Edwards is not having a good night. Buster Davis seems to be really making strides -- I still thin khe ends up making the squad at SLB/MLB. The fact he is playing so much MLB tells me Dizon must be progressing well.

Edwards blows coverage again, and only the fact that the WR somehow manages to step out of bounds saves a TD. Not looking as good as I hoped he would. Here is antoher return -- looks like Ellis is getting a shot -- is a KOR, so they can't put it OB this time. Not bad on teh return -- still, not seeing too mcuh difference between teh returners so far.

Orlovsky is still looking really good. Another nice catch by Gaines. With how well he is catching, he is severly endangering Fitzsimmons for a roster spot -- He's showing he can blcok and catch. Nice throw by Orlovsky on teh run fake -- again, it was a running down, running formation, and they threw. I'm hoping we see a lot of that this season. Dan O looking comfy. Smith-- wow -- nice hole created by Cherilus and Smith took full advatange. Once again -- Smith turns nothing into a 3 yd gain. And cherilus seems to have recovered well and is really manhandling the 2nd string defenders.

Standeford is looking good. Once again, impressed by DanO -- I think that if you put him in the first team O, he would be an adequate backup for Kitna at this point. Nice, accurate throws by him. 3rd and 1. Ouch -- miss the 1 yd gain. very disappointing -- with their new FB and RB's, Oline -- they need to be able to get those 1 yd gains. I'm sure that will see a lot fo work this week in camp.

Old man hanson still knocking them in from 50. So far, second stringers apear to be at a stalemate. Nice to see teh depth developing ont eh Lions, especailly knowing the depth that the Giants have. Big hole ont eh return again, but the Ref signals what I thought -- holding on NY. Wish they would show a replay so I could see how the blockers were doing.

Defense is keeping them in the middle of the field. Hicks is looking better than edwards was so far. And Gardner goes down -- hoping he's not injured bad -- looks to be fine. I like seeing the competiion between him and Cannon. The Lions are really hitting well.

Davis is doing well sideline to sideline, but still better ont eh run adn hits there. #92 offsides - Avril making a rookie mistake jumpoing the snap count. So far, it is amazing how great the first team looked, and the second team looks litke last year's starters did. Cannon forces a fumble - I think. Yup -- sticks his helmet right in there and makes a great wrap up. As I was saying, so far teh 2nd stringers are playing at the level the starters did last year -- this is how good I'm seeing as far as improvements in the D this year.

Sanders says Davis undrafted, but he was s darft pick fo the Cardinals that the Lions picked up on waivers after they lost Baldwin. So far, Lions looking good in that swap.

So the half is over, and seeing players in game situations has been interesting. Can't wait to go back and look at the tape.

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