Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Explains it All...

Got this great comic from my father that pretty much sums up this season... And many many seasons past.  

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RIP said...

I like the cartoon. I think the real problem for there road woes as of late is more them trying too hard to make plays. They need to come out with the right intensity and focus while still having fun doing it.

Here is my time to throw out a few random thoughts on the progress, or lack of, for this season so far.

First is the running game. Ex-Lions coach Bobby Ross would be great for our current roster. Its the minor details that is slowing rushing game. Both years that the Lions had an off week with him they worked on the running game. This years team needs that type of focus that he brought. Our current group would be better for him than he trying to change Barry Sander's running style while I think Barry would love this coaching staff more.

To be fair with Jim Schwartz, our starters were very beat up when it came time for our bye week this year.

Remember when Joey Harrington came into the league and the coaching staff had to teach him how to slide to reduce the added chance for injury?

I see the same thing with Matthew Stafford in how he reacts when talked from behind. The way he rolls and drives his shoulder in the ground to avoid his chest landing on the football maybe more a contributing factor than just a freak shoulder separation. The dude needs to use the front off his shoulder pads more and not land on his elbow/shoulder area.

Right tackle is a position that needs to be fixed for next year. He is more average and at times a liablity that a guy his size should be at this point of the season. He is in on every offen-sive play, but the improvement is not there. He may need to loose some wieght while getting involve in some martial acts and/or soccer training this off season. Loved his dedication with his home land disastor in Haiti, but he needs to do more for his teammates and career.

Can you believe the job Gunther Cunningham has done for us so far? To me it's unblievable.

After having the worst defense two years running, they gave him a bunch of aging veterans, and a draft class of Delmas, Levy, Hill, and Follett. During that season he tried using McBride at DT to generate a pass rush. This year he got a DE much cheaper than that guy in Chicago, a few cast offs from others teams, and a draft class in Suh, Spievey, and DE Wilson(?). They are to me playing lights out compared to previous years. My hope is he can be another Joe Paterno and coach into his eighties.