Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mayhews Moves

Martin Mayhew, after a bevy of injuries Sunday against the Jets, was busy once again with his characteristic zeal in pulling something out of nothing -- or at least giving it a shot.
  • First off Center Cody Wallace was cut (again) after being signed from the Jets Practice Squad three weeks ago.  This move was pretty much expected to come at some point.
  • The Lions also finally cut bait with Jonathan Wade and I'm sure there aren't many Lions fans who will miss him.  Of the the CB acquisitions - Alphonso Smith, Chris Houston, and Wade Mayhew is solidly two of three which is pretty darn good. 
  • The Lions placed Jack Williams on IR.  If you recall, he was picked up from Denver last year, but hurt himself and went on IR after just one play with the Lions.  They must like him as they placed him on the PUP list.  He has practiced the last three weeks, but a decision was made to place him on IR at the deadline.  This does NOT open a roster spot as he was not counting toward the 53 man roster due to his PUP exemption.
  • To fill the first empty spot the Lions signed a familiar face - former Spartan kicker Dave Rayner.  He is a solid kicker and will fill in while Hanson recovers from a pulled MCL.
  • The second spot was filled when the Lions signed developmental QB Zac Robinson from Seattle.  Originally drafted by the Patriots, he was on the Seattle practice squad until last week when he was called up to be the backup with Matt Hasselbeck out.  Seattle couldn't sneak him back through waivers and now he is with the Lions.
I've seen many reading a lot of different things into the Zac Robinson signing -- that Stafford is/isn't done for the season.  My thoughts are this:
  1. Drew Stanton just got competition for the 3rd QB spot.
  2. The Lions need a backup/3rd QB since Stafford is definitely out and they have had bad luck with QB injuries this season.  Anyone really want Derrick Williams under center with Stafford out, if Hill isn't ready and Drew Stanton gets hurt?  Yeah.  Me either. 
  3. I think this is more of a long term signing.  I've been wrong before, but I think they want him to take the 3rd QB spot from Stanton in the ifseason and get a young developmental QB without blowing a draft pick. 
  4. I think this doesn't indicate if Stafford is done for the year or not, but he will certainly be out more than a week or two. 
  5. Hanson has been old reliable - til now.  There are those who called for a kickoff specialist/backup kicker before the final cut downs as Hanson has been struggling to stay healthy the last year or two.  I wasn't in that camp due to limited roster space, but they sure are looking right at this point...
  6. Stafford could still go to IR
  7. I'm wondering who the Lions would cut if they go after Jason Allen, who was waived by Miami to make way for Al Harris.  Allen was the 16th pick in the 2006 draft, and has 3 INTs in 7 games this season.  The Lions could put in a waiver claim for him - we'll have to see. 

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