Monday, November 22, 2010

I Need a Vacation

Its very difficult to write about this Lions team right now.  Its like a formula has set in for this season...

Untimely penalties that actually occur?   Check.
Slow Replay or Screw-up resulting in big play that isn't overturned that shouldn't count?  Check.
Horrible call that swings momentum away from the Lions?  Check.
NFL doing diddly about it? Check.
Ref arguing that call was correct, even when it wasn't? Check.
Defense playing tentative after the phantom penalty and blowing the game?  Check.
Undisciplined play by the entire team?  Check.

I'm heading out on Vacation with the Little Pink Lions, Mrs. DetFan1979 as well as the Parents of DF79.  I will certainly still be watching the Thanksgiving Day game, as usual.  But then I'll go see "Tangled" with my girls -- which somehow seems appropriate for the Lions this season - Tangled in their own hair and can't break free. 

Due to my schedule, there will be no Lions Congregation for the next two weeks; I'm also not sure if/how many posts I will put up.  I need a vacation -- and will come roaring back with some nice perspective when I get back. 

Thanks as always for reading!

~ DetFan1979

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Anonymous said...

Went to Ford Field for the first time today. I must be a good luck charm.