Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Killer Film Breakdown: Jets at Lions

Tom "Killer" Kowalski at Mlive.com is once again doing his excellent film breakdown.  My thoughts follow the links:

  1. Chop Block Penalties on Peterman Absurd
  2. CJ does Well - Then Disappears
  3. WR Do Well on First Drive
  4. Levy Makes a Difference
  5. Goal Line Offense Struggled
  6. Unseen Helmet to Helmet on Avril
  7. Stafford Close to 99 yd TD
  8. Stanton Bootleg Right Call - on 2nd down
  9. Tackled In-Bounds

I totally agree with #1.  Even being in the stadium it was obvious that nothing of the sort was happening as far a chop blocks go on 2 of the 3.  It also didn't escape notice that they happened to always be called on key big plays by the Lions - not plays for no gain, etc.  It might be coincidence, but I still get the feeling the refs look for a penalty every time the Lions do something good. 

#2 - CJ was pretty much shut out, although he was bracketed much of the game, which allowed Burleson to have his big day with the one on one matchups.  As for the run game, it was obvious from the stands the Jets run defense was everything advertised and then some. 

#3 - The Lions looked really good on that first drive and it looked like they caught the Jets napping and thinking "same ol' Lions" - they snapped out of it pretty quick and got their head into the game to their credit, but that fast start helped build great momentum and excitement at Ford Field.  That place was deafening. 

#4 - The loss of Levy and the merry-go-round at MLB was definitely hurting the Lions defense early on.  As it is, they still need to upgrade both OLB spots.  Peterson will be gone at SLB, and Palmer and Co. have shown nothing spectacular at the WLB.  As for Smith getting burned - it happens to all DB's.  His agressive instinctive play is also what has made him a big asset for the Lions offense.  Sanchez had enough time to do another GQ photo shoot the protection was so good on that play.  Lions needed pressure, and couldn't get there. 
#5 - The Lions' struggles at the goal line were as much about the Jets D as the Lions O.  I like how hte Lions didn't cower or be afraid of the Jets.  They manned up and made it a slugfest of a game. 

#6 - Smith still made a good interception to stop a Jets drive that was gaining momentum, even if he did end up at the one.  Grand Theft CB all the way was my vote on that trade -- Here were the final results of my poll:

We Want Gronk: 1 lonely soul would rather have Dan Gronkowski than Alphonso Smith.
Starting CB - Check: 8 people (18%) felt we got a solid starter out of the deal
Grand Theft CB:  A staggering 34 people (79%) felt that Mayhew pulled Grand Theft on Josh McDaniels and company in signing a CB who is a solid starter, possible star.  5 INTs and a TD in 6 games puts me squarely in this category as well.

#7 - Stafford had some excellent throws and I want to see him healthy for long enough to really reach his potential.  IF IF IF

#8 - This whole last offensive series for the Lions is where they got out-coached and outplayed by the Jets.  Lions are closer, but again haven't taken that next step.  yet.  I feel strongly that it will be taken -- but next year, rather than this. 

Their improvement was further than I thought this year, and that got my hopes up but injuries have brought it back down to where it should have been all along.

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