Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Craziest Lions Poll Ever

Thanks to server problems at my Fanball Roar of the Lions site, this poll was up from January through October (and can still be found there). 


What is the top FA need?
  • Offensive Guard 174 (11%)
  • Defensive End 52 (3%)
  • Defensive Tackle 54 (3%)
  • Safety 105 (7%)
  • Cornerback 679 (43%)
  • Runningback 53 (3%)
  • Wide Receiver 25 (2%)
  • Offensive Tackle 94 (6%)
  • Backup Quarterback 13 (1%)
  • Tight End 2 (0%)
  • Linebacker 265 (17%)
  • ownership1 42 (3%)
  • Cheerleaders1 23 (1%)
  • Good Referee1 10 (1%)
Total Votes: 1591 Started: January 3, 2010 1 = Added by a guest
Results as of 10-28-2010
Offensive guard was satisfied, for the most part, by the trade that brought Rob Sims and his contract extension.  While the Lions need depth and development there, they have solidified the starters and locked them in.  The only category to get 0% - Tight End - is where Martin Mayhew has Pettigrew, Heller and Scheffler all locked into place.  It's also where he looked to trade shuttling off Dan Gronkowski for Alphonso "Carlton" Smith in what amounted to Grand Theft Cornerback looking at the current results of my most recent poll. (I missed having up random polls, didn't you?)

We found out that we fans were right not to be worried about backup QB with the way both Shaun Hill and 3rd Stringer Drew Stanton performed when their numbers were called this season. 

As I look over this list in the midpoint of the season, the weakest area by far has got to be Linebacker -- which had us more than moderately concerned overall over the course of this poll. 

Cornerback, which was a huge issue heading into the season has eased considerably with the performance of Chris Houston and the aforementioned Carlton Banks. 

The Safety Dance STILL continues into the season as Amari Spievey now gets the chance to learn on the job and show he can be a top line contributor for the Lions in the backfield, even if it is not at CB where he was originally drafted to play.  Is the potential there?  Sure.  But potential is just the probable ability to do something you currently can't do.  Like play safety at an NFL caliber level. IF it works out, could be great.  IF it doesn't...well...we'll cross that bridge when we get there. 

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