Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Killer Film: Redskins at Lions

Tom "Killer" Kowalski at Mlive.com is once again doing his weekly film breakdown.  As usual, I will pull all the links together in game order here for your convenience:

  1. KVB Pass Rush Wrinkle a Success
  2. 'Skins Hung Hall Out to Dry on 1st TD
  3. Single Blocking Not Working on Suh
  4. Sometimes you just have to wonder
  5. First Half Fiasco Not Jim Schwartz's Fault
  6. Harris Makes Redskins "jumpy"
  7. Pettigrew Nice Move - Can do More
  8. 'Skins Pick on Spievey
  9. 34K Change in Running Style
  10. Alphonso Smith Playing Like a Veteran
  11. Stafford's Accuracy Led to Winning TD
I'll weigh in with my own game thoughts once I've had a chance to sit down tonight and see the game stream from NFL.com.

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