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Lions Congregation: Mid-Draft

Lions Congregation: Mid-Draft

April 23rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

As can be expected, the Lions Congregation is busy at work covering the draft, and interacting with readers. Ty (of the Lions in Winter), Phil of Mlive, and Mike Schottey (Of Blue and Silver Pride) are participating in the Mlive Live Draft Blog. As well, visit the Highlight Reel for links to related draft stories, and both Ty and Mike have great stuff up about the draft — including Ty’s trip to the Draft Day Party at Ford Field. Al has some great analysis up, and be sure to check out NetRat’s blog (go back and read his entire 4 part series) for a great perspective on the draft process for the Lions and a feeling like he is almost taking you behind closed doors in Allen Park into the Lions’ thought process.

While most of the congregation liked the first day, Blades Boyd (our resident keep DF79 from getting all hopped up on kool-aid induced sunshine and roses guy) wasn’t so thrilled.

Those who were able to take some time out and jot down a few quick thoughts just for the congregation here:

Steve of Detroit Lions Weblog
Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience
Blades Boyd formerly of the Church of Schwartz
Joshua (DetFan1979) of Roar of the Lions

1. What are your thoughts on the Lions’ first round draft picks?

Steve: Wow, I am very excited. Ndamukong Suh and Jahvid Best, this is an ideal Lions draft scenario, which appeared highly unlikely, entering the draft yesterday.

I am particularly impressed that Martin Mayhew earmarked Best as a player that the Lions wanted and needed, and seized the opportunity to grab him, despite any concerns about his concussion issues at the end of his collegiate career.

With players like OT’s Charles Brown, Rodger Saffold, Bruce Campbell, Vladimir Ducasse, Jared Veldheer and CB’s such as Chris Cook, Brandon Ghee, Jerome Murphy, and Dominique Franks all remaining, don’t be surprised if the Lions remain aggressive and add one of these guys.

Al:Ndamukong Suh was a no-brainer…in a good way, not in a Millenway. For the second year in a row, the Lions get the consensus top ranked player in the draft. Thus, no-brainer. Even better, Suh fills a dire need on what’s been an awful defensive line for a very long time.

You don’t get many chances at drafting an impact defender. Suh, even though he plays on the inside, shows all the signs of being an impact player, something the Lions have lacked on defense since Bubba Baker was terrorizing QB’s in the early 80’s.

Are defensive tackles worth the kind of cash 2nd overall selections are pretty much guaranteed? Normally, I’d say no, but Suh isn’t your ordinary defensive tackle. Which is why the Lions selected the Nebraska’s Outland Trophy winner in the first place.

Blades Boyd:[Edited for Content in line with sites "PG" Rating] What a complete and utter joke. I don’t care what anyone says. Yeah the Suh pick is great but that was obvious. What bothers me is the Matt Millenesque move trading up to get an injury prone guy who can and will never be an every down back in the NFL. What really pisses me off is you have a guy who is JUST LIKE Best on the roster now. Aaron Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides that, the fact that they traded up to get this bum is simply mind blowing!!!! Why not hold onto that pick because people are going to be trying to trade up to get Clausen or Mccoy and will be willing to give up alot toget them!!!! If the Lions hold onto that pick, teams will be dumping two second rounders and third rounder to get him!!!! Instead, we trade up to get a guy who would’ve been there tonight when we picked!!!!!!!!! For anyone who likes this pick, wake up and smell the damn coffee!!!!! What’d they say aboutAaron Brown last year??? “great return man, great in space, blah, blah, blah…” Ya, that worked well didn’t it!!!!!!!! Unreal…I don’t care what they do the rest of the draft. You can sure tell Mayhew took good notes from Millen.

DetFan1979:I really liked the first round for the Lions. I get the feeling that the last 6-8 picks did not go at all the way the Lions wanted them to. It was plain the CB’s they wanted dropped off the board, and withan obvious willingness for teams to move around this year, Mayhew made smart move in getting a deal done with the Vikings andletting them take the “waiting” risk while he took the “player” risk. It appears that Best may have had a grade around 18-20 for the Lions, making him a good value to move to #30 to secure. Sure, he’s not an “every down” back — but who is anymore? Paired witha healthy Kevin Smith it will hopefully give the Lions a solid backfield. I’m concerned about his injuries, but as I said before — I think he either ends up Brian Calhoun (never sees the field due to injury) or Brian Westbrook (best in space on toss/sweep/screens short passing game). Only time will tell which.

I saved Suh for second because I just can’t explain how much of a relief and excitement it was when a player so many of us wanted finally became a Detroit Lion. Sure, it seemed like something that couldn’t be messed up, but the Lions have done just that in the past. Not anymore.

Very solid performance once again, matching BATFAN to pick value. I’ll be curious to see how day 2 goes.

2. Based on who is left on the board, who will the Lions choose, or who do you think will possibly trade up?

Steve: Based on who is left on the board, who will the Lions choose, or who do you think will possibly trade up?
Personally, I am hoping the Lions add the last remaining, yet vital piece to all of their off-season improvements on offense, a future left tackle.

With Bruce Campbell’s talent, but questionable acumen, and Charles brown seeming to be a better fit within a zone-blocking scheme, I believe that the Lions best option will come down to two small college guys, Veldheer and Ducasse.

Al:Well, as we saw Thursday, the Lions did trade with the Vikings, moving up for Jahvid Best, giving up their 2ndround pick in the process (along with one of their 7th rounders, and swapping their 4thround picks). Withthe Lions giving up most of their ammunition in order to select Best, having only a 3rd round pick on day 2, I really don’t see them moving back up into the 2nd round.

I had a feeling all night he’d be ready to pull the trigger on a deal if the right player was on the board. Best was, and Mayhew did.
The only question now being, would Best have still been there if the Lions had remained at 34? It was a possibility, but Mayhew, ever aggressive, didn’t care to wait with the entire league having all night to prepare for the 2nd round.

So I don’t see the Lions moving up again. The one caveat; We’re talking about Mayhew. You never know what he’s planning. In other words, never say never.

DetFan1979: I have no clue at this point. I was always shaky on three, and expected them to get a CB with #34 and go RB on #66. That is obviously not going to happen at this point. Depending on which CB and LB drop how far, I can see the Lions trying to get up into 2 to snag a guy they want at one of those positions using their last tradeable 7ths or their 4th if they need to in order to get there. Mayhew would rather have a solid starter than two backups at this point. He has enough backup/special teamers as it is.

I will once again be gone tonight, so I will leave the tweeting and live blogging to the rest of the congregation. I’ll take a hard look at how the 2nd and 3rd rounds play out and be back with more initial thoughts late tonight/early tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “Lions Congregation: Mid-Draft”

  1. By Matt on Apr 24, 2010

    Seriously, why ask Blades anything? A great draft and he completely b*tches…

    Rating: 5.0/5 (3 votes cast)
  2. By Pshhh on Apr 24, 2010

    Please get Boyd off this otherwise excellent congregation. He is terrible. There is a reason Church of Schwartz went defunct.

    Rating: 5.0/5 (3 votes cast)
  3. By British Lion on Apr 24, 2010

    Good call on everybody trading up to the top of the second round…

    Seems Mayhew was somehow ahead of the curve on this.

    Also San D had already traded up for a Running back and Spiller has gone higher than expected. There’s a massive chance Best would not have not got to 34.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  4. By telemakhos on Apr 26, 2010

    How is Boyd’s preidction looking now? Of course, everyone wanted to trade up for mccoy and claussen. That’s why they kept plummeting. The fact of the matter is that the lions took the last running back on their board that fit their needs before anyone else could and they knew that espn overhyped the QBs and no one would be stupid enough to try and trade up for them.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  5. By detfan1979 on Apr 26, 2010

    I’m not sure if they knew for certain, but the biggest trade into round 2 was for a running back. There were a couple of other trades later on as well as each tier of RB reached the precipice to the next level. It was a gut check on the part of the Lions, and I think they called it right.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)

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