Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ben Tate Interview

Ben Tate Interview

April 20th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Auburn Running Back Ben Tate

Auburn Running Back Ben Tate

The 75th NFL Draft is fast approaching and the football faithful sit in wait of the grand arrival of new talents. Strategies are being formulated and negotiations are taking place while this year’s incoming crop of rookies work feverishly to earn respect and an opportunity to show and prove they can work among the game’s elite.

One such talent is Ben Tate, a promising young rusher out of Auburn starting to earn praise among the league’s scouting community as a star of the pre-draft workout schedule.

Tate has earned rave reviews from league insiders not only for his skills but for his work ethic, his passion for the game, and his desire to affirm belief that he can be an influence in the National Football League.

Our sources suggest Tate could be a viable target for multiple teams seeking candidates at running back in this Draft, including the Detroit Lions. I serve as the Fanball correspondent for Roar of the Lions and recently had occasion to conduct an email interview with Tate…

1. How would you feel about coming to a rebuilding team like the Lions?

It could be a great opportunity because I can be a major piece in helping them turn around. If I were to be drafted there, it means they think I’m capable of helping to turn the organization around so I’d be honored, and think I’d work great with young stars like Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, and Brandon Pettigrew, among others.

2. What is it like to accomplish all you have, and receive less attention than guys you played with/against?

I don’t think about it that much. It’s not a big deal to me so long as the coaches and teams on the next level know what I’m capable of.

3. How would you feel about a potential shared backfield situation with Kevin Smith when he returns from injury? (if drafted by the Lions)

That would be great. He’s a great RB and is someone I could learn from. The competition itself would help me learn. I think most teams are using 2 backs these days anyways.

4. What type of offense do you feel best fits your skill set?

It doesn’t matter that much because I’m a running back that can adapt. I’ve worked with 4 different coordinators during my years at Auburn so I can adapt very well.

5. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a player?

My biggest strengths are my speed, power and dedication to the game.

I didn’t get to ask a follow-up, so I guess we’ll have to take the scouts’ word on his weaknesses. Tate is projected to go in the mid-second to top of the third. He is a viable candidate at 66 for the Lions, or the mid to late second round if the Lions trade back out of #34. More of an every-down back, he could make a strong RB duo in a shared backfield with Kevin Smith.

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4 Responses to “Ben Tate Interview”

  1. By chiefger139 on Apr 21, 2010

    as far as the long sims comment agree I even said he should of been traded even as much as 2 years-ago too small and didnt think he would hold up-sure led the team in tackles and close but on a bad team he would-as far as the rb-im a rb guy if this guys the real deal wont hurt me at all if we get him-if rb is such a need like i told my friend-who we shared season tickets with until last year -the 3 of us dropped them-get the rb in the 2nd period-weve tried for years getting them in the 3rd and all are flops-you must do it in the 2nd period-face it weve had great rb’s barry, sims,owens all top picks-unless you know something evertone else dont 3rd rounders are flops at that position and ignore it-risk it on a guard a sure fire win or some other position-hope to be on m-live tommorow night if theyve got a live blog-dont get the good cable channels so my only hope-and truthfully ive been on it for several years now hope they have it-my pick suh of corse-thanks for the article will put this guy on my list too- signed the wize chief!!

    Rating: 1.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  2. By DetFan1979 on Apr 21, 2010

    Glad to hear from you Chief! Hope everything is going better for you man, I know you’ve had a rough couple years. Glad to see you in good spirits still!! Things are going well here – finally getting back to normal.

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  3. By RIP on Apr 22, 2010

    Just heard a comment from Deion Sanders that made me chuckle. He was interviewing a RB with Barry Sanders next to him. He stated that Barry was the first Sanders drafted that year.

    A little history lesson here. Wayne Fontes and the lions wanted to have lunch with Deion, and Deion denied stating that he no way wanted to play for the Lions. That is when the Lions turned there whole attention to Barry before the draft.

    Thank you Deion helping us make the right decision on draft day.

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