Monday, April 26, 2010

Draft Weekend Tally

Draft Weekend Tally

April 26th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Looking over draft weekend, the initial prognosis is that Martin Mayhew had yet another solid draft. A few national media outlets are even starting to take peripheral notice of the overall improvement and coherency to the Lions’ drafting and plans. UDFA’s are also an important part of draft weekend, and are not to be forgotten either.

I was putting together a “total draft list” including trades when I realized NetRat beat me to the punch, so here is the list via his blog:

1st Suh DT

1st Best RB

3rd Spievey CB

4th Fox LT

5th Williams DT

5th Sims LG

5th Sheffler TE

6th Houston CB

7th Ko Simpson S

7th Willie Young DE

7th traded for a 2011 6th rounder from the Eagles

7th Tim Toone WR/KR

That’s probably 7 starters, some depth, a possible kick returner, and an extra pick for next year. Not real bad for one draft… no, not bad at all.

As for the UDFA signings, I also like to use NEPatriots as they update a full list across the NFL early and often. As of right now, their list is as follows:

Lions (updated 5:16pm 4-26-10)

Ryan Stamper, LB, Florida
Aaron Berry, CB, Pitt
Jessie Hester, WR, USF
Randy Phillips, S, Miami
Mike Moore, WR, Georgia
Rob Calloway, DT, Saginaw
Matt Clapp, FB, Oklahoma
Sam Scroggins, LS, W. Virginia St.
Richard Dickson, TE, LSU
Mike Hicks, OL, UConn (Tryout)
Chima Ihekowaba, DE, Wilfrid Laurier (Tryout)
Aaron Higdon, RB, Charleston (Tryout)

The Lions only had one fullback on the roster, so Clapp has a really good chance to make the team. I’ve also seen some really good things on Aaron Berry who may also have an outside shot. Stamper could also have an outside shot based on special teams play at LB.

Plenty more to come in the analysis department as I do more research, but it appears that Martin Mayhew and Crew have continued the ifseason through the draft in stride. It’ll be interesting to see what other moves he makes as the ripple effect of draft picks heading to teams leads to veteran cuts.

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2 Responses to “Draft Weekend Tally”

  1. By chiefger139 on Apr 26, 2010

    the only thing that scares me on this draft is its the best one in my 4 years of following it ive ever had-almost like the chief did it him self with suh the sure thing-best a rb and ive always wanted a top rb for years-a first rounder and we got him finally!! then the cb-which I would of gotten and finally the offensivelineman-i would of got a guard but still theyre looking at taking offensivelineman latter in the draft-which i would do-been hammered big time-take the offensivelineman but always felt they were wrong the goodteams like the pack get them later-but thats what scares me-kind of like my fantasy team last year- i dominated cause i took my favorites there and the colts were great and so was my team-but come playoff time-they sat a bunch of them and i got hammered-lost big time in the finals-but yet following what I believe I atleast got there-feel there doing the same now-following the chiefs wise advise-but truthfully this scares me-was sick about last years draft yet it turned out well-the year before was super mad too-it was ok-now im extremely happy-makes me wonder if the trench guys were right-following the wise chief usually isnt the best-your thoughts?

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  2. By NorthLeft12 on Apr 28, 2010

    I agree with your Mystery LB analysis….to a point. Daryl Washington of TCU was projected to be a weak side LB in the NFL. He is a little small [235 pounds] for a MLB.

    I saw AJ Edds being mocked from early third to the late seventh. I was hoping the seventh round ratings were accurate. He looked like a great replacement for Peterson.

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