Saturday, December 19, 2009

Positivity Problems and Solutions

Positivity Problems and Solutions

December 19th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

The lack of posts form me recently has more to do with catching up on work and other household duties that went undone during this hectic last couple of months. Still, I always – even through 0-16, found thigns to write about. However, the string of bad luck on injuries, Stafford not playing, and the team just giving up last week haven taken their toll. Any time I started to write, I just felt it was too negative and scrapped it. I had a horrible Fantasy Football Year, so I was even out of the playoffs there in every league, which is unusual as well. You might say I was well on my way to Lionized this week.

So here we are — Saturday night. Tomorrow, I will not be hunkered down next to a radio. I will not be hunched in front of my computer, straining to find some grainy internet feed. Nope.

I will be at the 50 yard line with my brother. We will be just 35 rows back behind the Lions’ bench. Beers, Brats, cheering. Despite the trials and tribulations the Lions have faced this season, I still find myself more than a little excited. The atmosphere, the being there. This is my first trip to Ford Field (and hopefully not my last). Just like I find baseball tough to watch on TV, but just love going down to watch a Lugnuts game with friends and family at the ball park, part of it is just being there.

While I am quite disappointed that Stafford will not be playing, my brother is an MSU alum and hopes to see Stanton get on the field. I do too, if Culpepper looks even half as anemic as last week. There will be some exciting young players for the Lions’ future still on the field — Calvin Johnson, Louis Delmas (My brother did his undergrad at WMU and is pumped to see him as well), DeAndre Levy, Jordan Dizon, Sammie Hill,Aaron Brown, and others. Guys like Larry Foote, Julian Peterson, and even the recently acquired Witherspoon could make a difference.

We’ll also get to see Kurt Warner in action — his precision speed passing to Boldin, Fitz, and even Breaston. As a man who loves football, what is not to love? Yes — I am very glad that I’m going to the game tomorrow. Because as time creeps up to kickoff, I know I’ll be more than ready for some football. If they lose, I don’t lose. If they win, I don’t win. Sure, it is more exciting as a fan when your team does great and you win — but it is not required to enjoy the game. Which, is of course, why we all became fans in the first place. For love of the game.

As you listen to the game, watch a feed, or catch it online after its all over, keep that firmly in mind. We watch the Lions because we love football, and they are our team. This season is done for as far as record. Now it’s about watching the players, and the team, and starting to look at who can be part of a brighter future and who will be left behind.

If I can, I will try to post by phone from Ford Field at least once. I’ll try to get some pics, and do a write up on the experience and the atmosphere as well.

Go Lions!!!

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5 Responses to “Positivity Problems and Solutions”

  1. By DetroitSims on Dec 21, 2009

    Well, I hope you had a good time cause the Lions fought VERY hard in that game. I could Swartz’s will being pushed upon these guys and feel them playing as hard as they could. I was glad to see Stanton get some PT!! I wish we would have won the game but, ya know what. These guys came out today and left it all out on the field. After everything that happened in last weeks game, they came out to prove that they belonged! The wanted to show that to their coach!!

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  2. By jreffy on Dec 21, 2009

    I hate being the type to start talking NFL Draft already, but…

    Now that Cleveland has won again and Tampa crushed the Seahawks, the Lions are now tied with Tampa for the #2 overall pick behind St. Louis. However, the tie-breaker goes to Detroit who currently has the easier strength-of-schedule.

    So…drafting Ndamukong Suh is becoming more of a possibility, just gotta hope St. Louis takes a QB.

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  3. By Isphet on Dec 22, 2009

    The idea of the “moral victory” is that it gives you a hope of good things to come in the future.

    The problem with the Lions is that their moral victories of the past never became ACTUAL victories. So at least with me, the “moral victory well” has long since dried out. I just see the Arizona game as yet another loss.

    The only thing that encourages me is this year’s draft class and how they have performed. Delmas and Levy are already really good, and Stafford, Pettigrew, Hill all have lots of potential, with Follett giving a lot of energy for a 7th round pick. The whole rest of the team, pretty much from top to bottom, has been a disappointment this year with the lone exception of Larry Foote and maybe… the punter?

    CJ was a disappointment to me because of the injuries. Kevin Smith? mostly disappointing especially in terms of production. The whole O line is a huge disappointment, some individuals more so than others. Julian Peterson was disappointing from a cost to performance standpoint. Sims is mostly disappointing. He’s supposed to be the BEAST and looked like a shell of what we thought he should be by now. Even Jason Hanson has been more than mortal this year. Those short kickoffs are just… bad.

    And I won’t even get started about the entire secondary, D line rotation (though Grady has looked good at times this year, he’s not a long term factor,) the QBs have been horrid, but at least Stafford has the excuse he’s a rookie. The tight ends not named Pettigrew are completely non-noteworthy. I still don’t buy that Stanton is going to ever going to be more than a backup in this league, if he even does THAT well. And Culpepper wasn’t worth 6 million in Monopoly money, let alone real money.

    It just goes to show you just how absolutely awful and insane Millen was as the GM, that all across the board I can’t think of a single player he brought in that met expectations this year, let alone exceeded them.

    There was more production and talent just from the first year rookies and a few free agent signings on this team than the whole rest of the team, combined. Millen’s players have basically ALL been shipped out or were basically worthless/easily replaceable.

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  4. By RIP on Dec 24, 2009

    Just curious how Millen would have turned out if he and Bill Tobin got along and stayed together.

    Tobin was part of Millen’s first draft when we drafted Backus, Riola, and Shaun Rogers. After the draft, he moved on due to differences in draft pholosophies as rumor has it.

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  5. By detfan1979 on Dec 24, 2009

    I understand the “moral victories” of the past not translating to actual wins in the future. As far as that well is concerned regarding the talent level of the team, you are right on.

    What I’m looking at right now is also the coaching. Last year’s team was as devoid of talent as this year’s team – yet managed to lose all 16 games. This team has only been totally blown out once — Ravens — and suffered more numerous and significant injuries than the 2008 squad.

    Why is it, then, that they remain competitive each week? Why do I feel, with how the Bears are playing, that they may even snag another win this year? Coaching, and the talent acquisition skills of the front office are why.

    This years coaches have kept changing things up, and reevaluating players and adjusting schemes and plays to make every attempt at putting them in position to make a play. They often don’t, but at least there is a chance of it.

    As you pointed out, this year’s draft class is looking good in year 1. If this was not an abberation, given enough time we will see a real football team in Detroit. After 8 years of Millen, I’ll happily give Mayhew 5 years if he shows he consistently drafts well, and the team keeps improving via its’ young players.

    If Tobin had stayed around AND stayed in control of the draft, the “Millen Years” would have been FAR different. Unfortunately, the reason Tobin wasn’t around WAS Millen, and just one more piece of the Millen disaster.

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