Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lions Congregation: FL Edition

Lions Congregation: FL Edition

December 3rd, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

1. The Cincinnati Bengals of 2003/04 have a striking amount of similarities to the Lions of 2009.(Lewis=Schwartz, Palmer=Stafford, Ocho=Megatron, Rudi Johnson=Kevin Smith) The Bengals made the leap from doormat to mediocrity around that time. Take a look through the Bengals history in the 2000s. ( Is there anything we can learn from their path that can help us rise above their constant mediocrity in the future?

My brother in law is married, it’s a wonderful 70+ degrees out, we’re heading back into Disney tomorrow, and the tiny keys and screen on this phone are still driving me nuts as my primary tool for using the Internet. Well, guess you can’t have everything. Which is, of course, why the Bengals have been mired mediocrity.

Carson Palmer is a good QB but the last few years followed major reconstructive knee surgery with major elbow surgery on his throwing arm. That alone is about three seasons down the crapper. The second problem was character. They had the Millens and drafted like crap for a few years. It wasn’t that guys didn’t have talent, but they either had issues with character or motivation that kept them either off the field, or from performing their best on it. Rudi was a bit older than 34k and when he slowed down while Palmer was injured, the Bengals offense started to really sputter. Sadly for them it was at that time their defense (which was their biggest problem) finally started to come together.

The biggest thing that Schwartz & Mayhew can do to avoid the Bengals’ fate is to draft better, and do a better job on balancing team chemistry. Judging by the performances of the draft picks and the team thus far, they are headed in the right direction. The big key is can Mayhew get productive players in the latter rounds consistently, or will we have more Derrick Williams picks than DeAndre Levy picks??

2. Justin Miller, one of the better return men in the NFL, is now on the market. Do you want him to be a Detroit Lion?

For the right price, sure. There is a reason he’s on the market buteven just the ability to retain his contract rights or first crack at fa would be nice.Aaron Brown is doing ok but if Miller can put a fire into the return game now that they suddenly remembered how to block last week that would be great.

3. Who is one Lion you’d like to see play more, now that we’re eliminated from the playoffs?

One thing this coaching staff has done very well is to play the young players in order to see what they have. Personally, even with Sims back, I want to keep seeing more of Levy.

4. Are you happy with Jason Hanson for next season? Or do you pursue other options in the draft/free agency?

Jason Hanson can still plant the occasional touchback on kickoffs, and even a diminished range for him is still beyond the reliable range for mist Nfl kickers. He is a positive, dependable vet and I think there are still too many holes to be taking up draft picks with plates you won’t have a roster spot for anyways.

5. What’s your prediction for Lions – Bengals?

No prediction from me. If theBengals defense and passing game both show up, this could be very ugly for the Lions. Fortunately, the Cincy RB are banged up, which might give them a shot. IF the Lions offense shows up to play, the ST carry over last weeks performance, and the defense can get se stops ( or at least hold them to FG) then the Lions may still be able tomake a game of it. IF…

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2 Responses to “Lions Congregation: FL Edition”

  1. By RIP on Dec 5, 2009

    I hope your family enjoyed the trip to the sunshine state, which I’m sure all of you did. The timing was right after the family’s loss.

    The one thing I keep thinking about with Jason Hanson is is his right knee fully healed. Is there some play in the joint after his surgery? With more play in the joint, thier should be less accuracy in his kicks this year.

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  2. By detfan1979 on Dec 10, 2009

    We did enjoy our trip very much. Considering all that has happened, the timing was certainly helpful. I think it was good for all of us to get away for a little while. Thanks to you and all of the readers that took time to express both sympathy and support via comments and emails. The response was overwhelming to say the least. Thank You!!

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