Friday, December 11, 2009

Lions Congregation: Week 14 Edition

Lions Congregation: Week 14 Edition

December 11th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

1. The Mo Williams pickup: Yea, Meh or Nea? (A big fan, meh, or not a fan of it)

I’ll go “nay” since he failed his physical, and focus instead on the lineman they did pick up, Corey Hilliard. I don’t know a whole lot about him, but it usually does take O linemen a year or two to mature into NFL roles. Peterman is a good example of that. As much as he was derided, look how much different the right side is with loper and gandy filling in. Peterman was underrated. I say give Hilliard a shot to start the last two games if he looks good in practice (or sooner) to see what he has. Throw him into the fire and evaluate him to see if he is a keeper for next ifseason, or another guy to toss away.

2. The Ravens offense leaves a lot to be desired. Is there any way our defense can contain their offense?

There are quite a few ways. Despite a lack of talent, the Lions defense has kept the team in most of their games this season when the play of the offense and special teams should have had them well out of contention. They held Green Bay, who has a much better offense than the Ravens, to FG’s in the red-zone both games for the most part. Sure, this defense has a lot of problems, but they are still holding their own and would be good enough to win a few more games if the offense could get its act together. I may be a sunshine spreading optimist, but even I don’t see where Daunte is going to bring the offense together enough to do anything but bounce off of even this year’s lackluster version of the Ravens defense.

3. What’s your projection for Ravens – Lions?

No score projection, but Culpepper is always good for two or three turnovers of late so I’ll say another game like Cincy – closer than it should be and still a loss. If Culpepper can hold onto the darn ball, and actually sends it deep to CJ once or twice ala Stafford, then the Lions may even have a chance to win – albeit a small once.

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