Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ROTL & DF79 Get Flu

Hello everyone! Been a long time since I posted any updates here. You know how life goes at times. The Flu has been running rampant in the DF79 household since last Sunday, so that put a damper on things -- then to top it off, ROTL is down today due to a technical error, so I cannot update you there.

I will say here that my thought on the GB game is that we need to look on the brighter side, and into the mechanics of why, the situationals (I know that is a made up word), what it means from a coaching standpoint, talent, and where they go from here.

Yup - things are looking good for the future from where I'm sitting. Tonight will be the first in a short (not sure on the length until I get into it) series on the state of the Lions at the Bye, starting with GB game thoughts, moving into where there are and where I see them headed.

I was glad to see the trade deadline come and go with no moves this year, sicne the only thing of value the Lions had to give up was draft picks -- and considering how well Mayhew's draft picks have been playing (for the most part) we need as many of those as possible.

Hope everyone is well, and can stay healthy through this year's cold and flu season.

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