Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday DF79!

Happy Birthday DF79!

October 3rd, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

I’m celebrating the big 3-0 today! All I want for my birthday is a Lions upset over the Bears. So how will the Lions make that happen for me? The Lions’ defense is banged up, but so is Chicago’s. Offensively, looks like Smith and Forte will be going for the two opposing RB, and both are a little dinged up.

This should prove to be a great game. Now that we have a real offensive coordinator, lets take a look at how to attack the Tampa 2 that Chicago is running.

They have trouble on defense, and are on their 3rd string MLB which, as we all know from our time with Paris, is essential to making the defense work…or not. Runs between the defensive tackles will be a must and I think that even with Smith banged up, the Offensive line can trade out who Raiola hits with a double team, while either Man-Ram or Peterman can handle the other DT. They were handling bigger, stronger DT’s than Chicago has for the last two weeks, so this should be very doable for Detroit. Even Felton up the middle will be picking up 4 -5 yards at a chunk and burning up the clock.

Another attack traditionally on the T2 will involve utilizing Pettigrew and Fitz in the seams behind the LB and in front of the CB’s. This should be softer than normal as the Zone oriented D-Backs focus on bracketing out Johnson & Johnson. They can also swing 34K or Morris out into the seam, or swing a WR inside to get matched up on a LB down the middle.

I also expect the Lions could be successful with a lot of “Missile Sims” type plays. These are the plays that Ernie and other Lions defenders constantly overran last year. With a heavy dose of run early, the fake sweeps and end arounds, as well as the play action game, will pull the MLB up to play run while Stafford zips it out to an open WR cutting across the vacated middle. Linehan also likes to use misdirection plays where there are 5 routes run by his 2 TE’s (or the TE and the FB), the RB, and the 2 WR out of a running formation with the TEs and/or RB’s sometimes hitting chip blocks before running shallower routes. This creates a layer of routes from short gain to home run with more “WR” than there are players to cover, making for at least one mismatch and likely a “WR” wide open.

For some more insight on how Linehan uses 3-4 WR sets out of his base formation, see a great film breakdown by Ty over at the Lions in Winter. LionsSully at Mlive sums up a little bit moreof how teams are attacking the T2:

“Recently, some teams have also been able to exploit the seam between the cornerbacks and the safeties, when the quarterback can throw a pass to a receiver in that seam faster than the safety can rush up to close it and cover the receiver. A recent trend is for teams to send a receiver up the middle, creating a mismatch against the linebacker in coverage. The popularity of the Tampa 2 means that offenses are now finding it effective to exploit the deep middle, where the safeties have to cover the most ground. ”

So the Lions will have plenty of ways to attack the Bears defense… in this case, the Defense that holds out best and the offense that produces best will win!

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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday DF79!”

  1. By DF on Oct 3, 2009

    Hey you spelled Detroit wrong on your banner. Not Detriot, Detroit…

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  2. By DF on Oct 3, 2009

    Also, I realized that your birthday is 2 days before mine (oct 5) and will also be turning the big 3-0 and my initials are DF….weird.. and I am a die hard lions fan… guess we both got the lions in our blood…lets hope that the next thirty years bring the lions better luck. I believe the Lions are the only organization in pro sports, unless you count the cubs, that have the worst luck in every facet, from the draft to organizational hires. If only once we could have everything go right one year. Go Lions!

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  3. By late58 on Oct 4, 2009

    Happy Birthday DF79! Mine was Friday, Oct. 2nd. I agree on attacking the Tampon2. I also think we may see a bunch of that “jumbo” package with Felton/Smith, or Felton with 2 TE/2WR sets. Seems to me they had great sucess with that against Indy in the third preseason game. Indy also has a Tampa-style defense, meaning their DTs are somewhat smaller and supposedly quicker. I’m a big believer in attacking them with a power-running game to beat em’ up and wear em’ down. We’ll see. Hey Lovie- “Thy Rod and thy Staff, they humor me.” Keep that pick and shovel sharp, they’ll be needed to dig out of that pile of Moronelli’s bovine scatology!! GO LIONS!! Big-Time road win today against a Division rival!!!!

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  4. By nubsnobber on Oct 4, 2009


    I had a huge post on the Lions and how to attack the Tampa 2. It was very well written but lengthy. No need to read it, just watch the Lions’ second drive.

    The flat pass to Calvin Johnson when he “sat” in front of the CB. The slot receiver pass to Dennis Northcutt when Northcutt sat down. Then the TE’s down the middle.

    The TE down the middle is vintage. It reminded me of Romo to Witten all over again. Linehan gets it, and even though it is 14-7, it could be a long day for the Bears, and a good sign for young, Mr. Stafford..

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  5. By jreffy on Oct 5, 2009

    Hey, that 3rd string MLB for the Bears is a “buddy” of mine. He was 2 classes below me in High School. Nick Roach and my sister were the two best athletes in their high school class (both got full-ride scholarships) and he’s a great kid. I’ve been totally stoked seeing him play for Chicago and hearing the local Chicago radio stations talk about him.

    The coaching staff love Roach and he’s the kind of smart, fast player you want backing up your studs. I was stoked to see him in there starting at the legendary MLB position for the Monsters of the Midway.

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  6. By Ty on Oct 5, 2009

    Happy Birthday, DF! Wish the team could have gotten it done for you. We’re 2-1-1 at the half!


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