Friday, October 30, 2009

Offensive Line Question

Offensive Line Question

October 30th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

Here is a couple of Lions offensive line questions I got from my editor at Fanballfor their Fantasy information. My response is below – and it also ties in to the ongoing features about the success/failure of the front office and personnel moves made by the Lions this Ifseason. What are your thoughts?

Got a couple of questions I wanted to ask you about the Detroit offensive line, and I’ll use it in my feature on Fanball this Saturday.

I hear they are moving some parts around. Who is moving where, and more importantly, why? I didn’t note any concerning injuries on their line last week before the game … so what’s up?

Bryan Douglass
Managing Editor – Fanball Sports Network
Associate Editor – (NFL, NBA, PGA)

Gosder Cherilus did have a minor injury at one point, and was replaced by Jansen. However, Cherilus is healthy and has a lock on the right tackle position. The RG position is also stable, as Stephen Petermanis still holding down that spot well. The two of them work well together, especially in the run game. Dominic Raiola rock at center, and Jeff Backus is – for better or worse – entrenched at the left tackle position.

The spot that is in flux — and has been, it seems, for the past dozen years — is left guard. Daniel Loper and Manny Ramierez were fighting for the starting job throughout camp. Loper was fighting a neck injury early and was replaced by Ramierez, who has since held onto the starting job — that is, until the bye week came around.

The Lions’ coaching staff spent extra time breaking down film heading into the bye, and decided they that while Ramierez was better than Loper (especially in the running game) at this point he was still having too many mental lapses. To try to improve on the LG position, they have been working Jon Jansen (who has spent his entire career as a RT) with the 1’s in the LG spot. They are hoping his power in the run game, combined with his finesse at blocking ends as a tackle will translate well to LG.

While the outcome remains to be seen, thus far the Lions offensive line has out-played its’ talent level on the whole. They have been providing at least decent holes in the run game, and good protection for whoever is under center. This comes back to Jim Schwartz’s willingness to shoot for a better combination rather than tolerate mediocrity, or especially repeated mistakes, from any position. At this point, the LG position is where they are still trying to find an answer they like; Indicators point to this week against the Rams being Jon Jansen’s turn. We’ll see how long he can hang in there before Loper or Ramierez overtakes him.

Don’t get me wrong — the left guard play has been far from horrendous; but on the whole, it has been average at best. This coaching staff will not settle for average unless that is the best they can do with the players they have. Thus – Jansen gets a shot to see if he can improve the play of that position for the Lions. How he does dictates what happens next.

On a side note, the Lions are doing this up and down the roster — if there is a possibility of a better option they will try it. Thus far, they appear to be satisfied with the healthy Kevin Smith at RB. When he was healthy, he was making the tough yards he did not pick up the last couple of weeks after bruising his shoulder. Word is that he is healed up and motivated after the bye to go out and prove he deserves his current role as feature back for the Lions. Something tells me he won’t disappoint.


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3 Responses to “Offensive Line Question”

  1. By chiefger139 on Oct 30, 2009

    detfan79-know youve been in poor health-and too much to swallow-since youve been on here your other blog hit the dumps-still havent posted on the 53 picks etc-forget it now-no one cares-time to dump your other blog and just concentrate on this one-keep your other blog alive by just postin-sorry but now heres my site and post it- hopefully you can still do the 53 man roster next year the fantasy football and everything else we loved from this site-i know its tough now-games every week and m-live postin articles by the hour tough to compete and its easier during the off season-not so much comp-but notice chief is lately your only follower-time to dump your other blog-get on m-live and make a presence and go all out on this good yet neglected site!!im not much of a force on m-live anymore either-it blocks me out 1/2 the time-but will still try now and then-and if I can get on there enough will promote your site!!

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  2. By chiefger139 on Oct 30, 2009

    maybe a better thought just post what you have on here each time and just say as posted on lions roar-guys check out the site-then your not doin double duty

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  3. By detfan1979 on Oct 30, 2009

    You did hit the nail on the head that this IS my blog — but nothing has changed other than the location. I still plan on looking at the roster predictions we did as part of the ongoing series of ifseason moves — I plan on pulling it out and comparing later.

    The hits/read are actually higher here than they were at my old DF79 blog, but fewer comments. A lot of the regulars are still in contact — just are more busy with life than hobbies for a lot of them.

    I don’t try to compete with the news outlets, but instead want to provide a different look at things, and some analysis that often gets overlooked in the copy-paste-link reporting age. hopefully, I am still accomplishing that.

    I haven’t been posting links over at my personal blog recently, but will think about putting at least a notice up there – or something along those lines. Honestly, it is fun to write unique content for one blog — but two would be beyond my limitations. Hence, one blog.

    It’s still me fellows (and I am getting my backside kicked in the df79 FFB leagues this year, btw. Way to go oh favored to win the SB in teh annual league mighty chief while I am making our Lions look good with my ZERO wins there…) – same as always. Same DF79 writing, different website.

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