Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gameday: Lions at Packers

Gameday: Lions at Packers

October 18th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

Who will play? That is the question that underlies attack plans and expectations for this games. This injury list for this week was astronomically long, and even with Sammie Hill back, if White and Hunter are injured that is still half the starting Defensive Line with Ryan Grantlooking to get his game back on track…

While I’ve been expecting the defense, once banged up a little, to have problems because it is woefully shallow on talent much less depth — the offense it going to win or lose this game for the Lions. With CJ and Stafford likely out, that means Williams, Bryant, Northcutt and Standeford need to step up along with Daunte. Culpepper made some horrendous decisions in key situations last week. He needs to minimize that this week, or the game could go from close to a blowout. The offensive line should be getting Gosder back this week, and they need to step up and create some holes for a healthy Kevin Smith, which will significantly help out Culpepper and the Passing game. Green Bay is beatable — but can the Lions seize the day and steal a win before the bye week??

I’m looking forward to finding out!!

Final Note: It finally looks like a bye week is coming for the Lions at the right time. They have a lot of players dinged up, and the extra week should allow the team to get healthy before facing a softer part of the schedule.

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5 Responses to “Gameday: Lions at Packers”

  1. By chiefger139 on Oct 19, 2009

    If it wasnt for poor packer penalties and poor offensive line play the blow out would of been much worst. The offense was just plain offensive, like our offensiveline took the day off. Considering how depleated our defensiveline man were, with even peterman having to join them they did well presuring rogers and sacking him 5 times and not allowing them to run them right over, but despite this our db’s were horrible, looked like the only ones who could cover anyone was our linebackers. the pack had wide open receivers play after play. I thought fisher was back there , He wasnt but no differnce, they couldnt cover anyone. We could of easily lost by 50 if the pack would of played well, thats how bad we were.

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  2. By RIP on Oct 19, 2009

    The communications and play in the secondary was just terrible. It is disappointing to see the same old success of other teams passing at will against us. Can see the Leos going heavy on secondary help in the draft next year.

    Would like to see some DL help, but man is it terrible back there. DBs, like WRs, takes a year to find out what you have. This If Season may be the year to invest, and then in year 3 of Schwartz we may be able to compete.

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  3. By detfan1979 on Oct 20, 2009

    I agree the secondary and injuries are what did them in. 26-0. Can you honestly say that it was not some measure of success that the Lions kept it at 26-0 considering they had O-Linemen and DB’s playing on the Dline because they had so many injuries?? Still, that was a dud of a game for the Lions, and the starting Dline is good, but they just need some depth there. It is by far the secondary that is the Achilles Heel of the D.

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  4. By nubsnobber on Oct 21, 2009

    The other thing you will see is this staff better not try the free agent route.

    The CB’s brought in are a bust. Henry hasn’t been bad, but Pearson is lost as a cover nickle guy and MM has melted in EVERYBODY’S hands at safety. Ko Simpson hasn’t looked bad when healthy, but he’s still not there.

    Buchanon = banished. OK, I know Gunther doesn’t have a dog house. Buchanon was spinning circles and choked on the frickin chain. Just waiting for him to get waived.

    I agree the secondary is the weak link. Too bad the Lions couldn’t have grabbed disgruntled Steve Smith at the trade dealine. I know, they would’ve had to pay too much for a team that has more holes than just the opposite side receiver, but it would’ve been an option and helped out the running game a lot if they still had a deep threat while CJ heals. God, he’d better be back before next game. It’s winnable as long as the Browns don’t give the Lions the flu.

    Is it true the NFL is going to make the Browns wear surgical masks underneath their helmets this week? Nice to see what happens when the Raiders get the bird flu. A pigeon helps them on coverage and they beat the Eagles.

    Glad to see the Cowboys are doing so well with the Roy Williams trade. Choke, baby.

    And the Cleveland Browns with Shaun Rogers? swallow baby.

    I was also glad to see that my Dynasty Team did so well this week. Hey, they were 4-1 going into this weekend, and then lose 125-27. Kinda like the Lions’ score if the Packers wouldn’t have gotten penalties. Speaking of, can we pick an offense next year which gets points for/against for penalties, yards, score, T.O., etc? I’ve never seen it…just a thought.

    Ramble on….

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  5. By detfan1979 on Oct 22, 2009

    Judging from last ifseason, this front office will NOT go the overpaid FA route until they are “a player away”. If they keep drafting like 2009, in three years this team will be a talented young force to be reckoned with!

    As for the FFb — I have seen that before, but not sure how it would work overall mixed with a standard format…

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