Saturday, October 25, 2008

Washington Potatoes Have No Eyes

Alright, it is not true that Washington Redskin Potatoes have no eyes - but when you quarter them and grill em with some Italian dressing seasoned with right combination of herbs and spices they are sure tasty. There will, however, be no "local" eyes watching the Potatoes roll over the Lions as the game has been blacked out.

Lansing, according to Google Maps is -- from the center of town to the center of town -- 89 miles from Detroit. Being on the west side of Lansing, I'm about 90 something. No Game.

Does the NFL really think this anachronistic rule helps sell tickets? Encourages players?

"The game is going to be blacked out! I know the economy is tanking, and Michigan still has the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the nation behind a state that is smaller than the Detroit metro area -- but I have to go out and buy a ticket right now so that poor guys in Lansing who would have to spend 50 bucks or more in gas, pay 20 bucks for a parking spot, another 50 to be sure the car is there when they get back, 200 on a bodyguard to make it back from the stadium to their car without being mugged, another 100 to keep the bodyguard from mugging them -- plus buy tickets and then pay 8 bucks for a hot dog -- can see the game without taking out a home equity loan from Benny the Loan Shark since their home isn't worth the paper the title is printed on at this point, considering how much the cost of ink and paper have gone up lately."

What is the real point of the blackout system? Do I think the Stadium would be full if the Lions were winning right now? Likely.

Do I think that many of those people would be making a sacrifice to do so because of the cost? Yes.

Do I think the economy has an impact on ticket sales? Absolutely.

The fact of the matter is, the threat of a blackout really doesn't do what it is designed to do -- push people to buy tickets. And what is with the Thursday deadline? Are you telling me in this day and age they can't see if it's sold out say half an hour before game time and then declare the blackout at the very least? After all, if the impetus is to encourage ticket sales, would this not do so? Declare a blackout Thursday, and then the news tracks how close the team is to selling out. People begin to buy tickets as the frenzy builds and the countdown to "sold out" draws to a close!! Then instead of focusing on how far away a team is (negative) it focuses on the progress they are making.

In other words, my team may suck, but now I can't even watch them suck. What the %^!&$#!????

I may be able to catch the game later -- I just switched cable packages (ie called and got them to lower my price while increasing services so I wouldn't drop it) and now have NFLN for at least 6 months. Which takes me through the 2009 draft. Awesome. They also replay about 10 games each week in the middle of the night, and I'm hoping that Det-Wash is one of them. I'm also going to see if St. Johns is also blacked out -- possibly I can get DF79's sister to tape the game for him if it is on up there...

One can only hope... Since I may not see this game, your thoughts and comments, game summaries if possible are always welcome!!



detroitsims said...

Nothing more than the same old BS!!! They at least FINALLY scored a first quarter TD, WHHHHOOOHHHHHOOOO!! I just dont know what to say about this team other than that!

Anonymous said...

It seemed like Avril and IAF were getting rotated in more than in previous games. They were on the field together quite a bit. When they were on the field, I thought they played quite well. IAF seems to be a decent player. He is not flashy, but I thought he got the job done, especially considering he hasn't had too much in game experience yet.

Avril looks like he could develop into more of a flashy player than IAF. He has good speed, and was getting around the QB quite a bit. From what I saw, I was pretty happy with the play from both IAF and Avril. They definitely didn't look great, but it looked like there was some potential.


detroitsims said...

From what I heard on ESPN, The Lions are close to signing Daunte Culpepper to a contract!! Hmmm, not sure what to think bout this move...ANY IDEAS????

RIP said...

Just a couple ideas, or shall we guesses.
- Henson is not working out as a scout team quarterback.
- Stanton is not ready to as a backup QB and be better off as a scout team QB.
- Orlovski is not taking enough or missing opportunities downfield.
- Lions want more leadership in the huddle from the QB position.

From what I have seen in the games, Orlovsky seems to be running the game plan better. The running game seems inproved too, but that maybe the progression of the new blocking scheme.