Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Wash for Me

Well, I'd love to look at the Lions' laundry. Yes -- the Wash game was supposedly hard fought, but still fraught with many of the same mistakes. Jerome Felton was possibly injured - but I can't find anything.

In other words, I didn't get to see it.

I will hopefully be getting a copy at some point (I'm emailing with someone who DVR'd it and may be able to burn me a copy and mail it) but for now, no more Wash for me.

In other words, the Lions are making like it's 1999 and looking at Daunte Culpepper. Pre-Injury Culpepper would be a good fit for this offense and offensive line. Daunte Cement-Shoes of the past 3-4 seasons? Not so much. His play had dropped off quite a bit even before his injury a few years back.

I also wonder why? They have two young QB's to evaluate, and they are in process of looking at one -- and maybe for 4 games at the end of the season will look at the other. Why throw money and time into someone else? Granted, the offense is so simple I'm sure most QB's could come in and learn it in short order - still, that being the case I don't know why they would be in a hurry to sign him. If an injury happens, I'm pretty sure he or someone equivalent will be there to play number two to whichever young QB you are looking at.

I love this quote: "The Lions are dead last in every power ranking, yet last time I checked, isn't 0-7 better than 0-8?"

Wouldn't it be the Irony of the Lions to go 0-16, and then still get the second pick of the draft?

Personally, I want to see them win a few. The top few picks are virtually untradeable, and the Lions need to have the option to trade back and stockpile more picks. They have a lot of holes, and will need the selections early and often.

Interesting read by Drew Sharp who seems to have found his journalistic skills since Millen was let go. He talks about - and rightly so, in my opinion, the objective reasons Stanton should be starting games come the home game against Jax in two weeks.

Langston Moore was also let go according to the Freep as the Lions signed a FB to fill in while Felton is injured, apparently with a high ankle sprain. Does this mean there will be a Landon Cohen sighting?

Also, does anyone have any sources as to the nature/severity of the injury to Jordan Dizon? Paris Lenon was playing pretty well since Minn (again, haven't seen Wash game yet) but I was hoping to see what the Lions have in him, at least on a rotational basis, so as to know better for what draft needs are next year.


detroitsims said...

Well, fox sports is reporting that the Lions have indeed signed Culpepper to a deal. I didnt read the story just caught it! I dont know, kinda sucks cause it seems like they dont even want to give Stanton a chance!!!! I read a story on mlive that Stanton wasnt very happy about the comments made by colletto. I say give the kid a chance, why not???? Anybody have a good reason to disagree?

ClusterFox said...

I Haven't passed Final Judgement yet. But I think this is the second good move by Mayhew. I think it can be taken two ways.
1) That are 2 QBs are washed up, and we're bring in a new veteran to take over without even given Stanton a chance,like Sims said.
2) I think it shows we are unwilling to enter the If Season with 2 questionable QBs(regardless of the P word). Maybe it shows we like the 2 young guys but need a Veteran backup next year while we continue to build our new team.

I guess what I like most about it, is that it increases the likely hood that we won't be drafting a QB early which I Love. I'm tired of spinning the roulette wheel on the QBs coming out of college. We all know the big name guys that were drafted in late rounds. But more recently look at the contrast between Flacco and Leinart.

Sure things are not sure things, and long shot are not always that long.

One last thought/question, would you rather have DanO, Stanton, and Culpepper. OR would you prefer DanO, Stanton, and (Insert your sure thing draft pick here)? I'll take Culpepper.

Side note DF: Is DanO even signed for next year or is he possibly on his way out?


Anonymous said...

why would DanO leave? he wouldn't get an opportunity to start anywhere else!

JJLions20 said...

First of all, Culpepper has not signed. This might be just a contingency plan if Orlovsky goes down. It doesn't sound like they are ready to turn this team over to Stanton. But I don't think you want to tie too much money into Culpepper if they do sign them.

The only way you sign Culpepper is that you the rest of the team knows they don't have a chance with Stanton, and you fear loosing the team. Any way you look at it, the signing of Culpeper does not bode well for Stanton.

CHIEFGER139 said...

seen the game
in person DANO-IS OK once again recievers let him down big time-randy moss would of caught the one in the end zone cj dropped-cj is good but hes no rice or moss or to for that matter-if he was he would go up and get it in the crowd he dont-hated all the redskins fans too many and truthfully many are locals who gave up on a terrible local team-know this when i left the stadium still several redskin fans going to there cars like us-and probably going to there homes nearby like us-
sad deal- i remember my high school senior trip a bahaMA CRUISE
and while in miami in 1977 the bus driver sayin were from michigan-the lions -theyd could probably get a bunch of high schoolers together and beat our lions-nothin has changed-in fact were worst then we were then
on mlive bloggers got pissed at me for yelling at the redskins fans to shut up-
we have lost it all-
were just a place for opposing teams to come to town-steal our fans and abuse us-and were suppose to take it and accept it!! how sad!!