Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep Marinelli - For Now

It is interesting all of the "Fire Marinelli" chants that I am hearing after the latest Lions loss. You will notice I skipped analyzing the Bears game -- not too much to look at, really. They didn't come to play again, and it showed. I'll likely touch on it more after I have a chance to see the entire game (I was only able to catch snippets Sunday).

Getting back to Marinelli, I don't quite see the point. It is becoming more and more apparent (as Floyd Reese campaigns for the GM job, other candidates are sure to be perking up their ears as well for a chance at a total construction job with a supportive owner. Talking about knowing you'll have the time to finish what you start! After all, Millen started sinking the Lions further, and if they go 0-16 will have finished the job. History is better than almost-weres I guess.)

Marinelli is not a quitter, and I respect him for that. He has a solid work ethic, is a great guy, decent motivator in the right situation, and his mental toughness can't be questioned. Unfortuantely, he fits right in with a lot of Lions players right now: Heart, not Talent. He has the desire and the toughness, but not the skills, in my opinion at this point, of an NFL Head Coach.

I will grant that he was saddled with Matt Millen as his GM, but he didn't do himself any favors in a lot of areas. The offense has more than fallen apart, and if he almost lost the team halfway through last season, it is totally gone now. Just like a lot of Lions players will be.

What I don't get is why people are looking to fire him right now. I know this is a spundbite world, but lets take a look at this. He has one "phantom" voidable year on his contract. He is, along with the entire front office, a lame duck at this point. They are all gone at the end of the season. At 0-4 they are still 4 games out of first place as they are 0-2 in the division. There is no one on staff qualified to take over for him, and if you think players are phoning it in now...

The only way I see a Marinelli firing as being even remotely sensible at this point would be if he continues to leave the rookies and young guys on the bench past 0-6. The new front office and coaches HAVE to be able to see game film on those guys to know what they've got coming in. Marninelli is an honorable man, and staying through the end of the season does nothing to diminish him or the franchise SO LONG AS he plays the rookies/young guys after 0-6 when they are elmininated officially from playoff contention.

That scenario would be best for the Lions Organization, Marinelli, the next front office staff, the fans, and the players.

0-16? If they keep up their current level of play, at least the Millen Era would end on an historic note.

By the way, looks like I will have an incomplete library of games this season as I'm guessing the last 5 home games (Thanksgiving is always televised) will be blacked-out due to poor ticket sales. Unless of course they start winning... *shake shake shake* -- "Outlook Not Good".

Darn. Well, you never know... IF...


Anonymous said...


In 1945, John Ford made a war movie entitled THEY WERE EXPENDABLE. A short synopis follows, which in my opinion parallels they Lions coaching and adminstrative staffs, today.

"""THEY WERE EXPENDABLE is a story of defeat. Defeat of the Americans by the Japanese in the early days of World War ll and the disintegration of Motor Torpedo Squadron Three (MTB-3). The film focuses on the demise of MTB-3 and its men, headed by Lieutenants Brickley and Ryan, who expend themselves trying to slow the Japanese advance in the Philippines."""


The Lions version of THEY WERE EXPENDABLE is also a story of defeat. Instead of Motor Torpedo Squadraon 3, its the 2008 Detroit Lions. And instead Lieutenants Brickley and Ryan expending themselves its coach Marinelli and staff and the administrative staff.

Marinelli, Lewand, and Mayhew with their staffs will take the brunt of salvos from media and fans until the season mercifully concludes.

While the 2008 season is going to be a seemingly never ending season of misery for the Lions and their fans, the offseason will be intriguing to see how the Lions restructure to enter the 2009 season.


CHIEFGER139 said...

as far as rods performance-he should be fired now-but i agree with you, un til we get a new gm what differnce does it make-if ford gives mayhew the job im sure he'd fire rod now and bring in a new coach. He stll may be forced to do so as a couple of upcoming embarrising road loses may force his hand to have any shot of landing the job or any shot of being employed in football management again. unfortunately for coach rod, mayhew, leyland, all position coaches employed right now-if this doesnt get somewhat turned around they will never be employed in football ever again-not even at the small college level-it stinks that bad.

DetroitSims said...

I know its sad!!! Thing that sucks the most is the fact that a lot of us like Rod. I also thought he was going to be the guy to right the shio for us. Unfortunately, he is probably not gonna last past this season. Maybe not the whole year!! I think he should stay the whole year and finish the job, no matter how bad its gonna be for us to watch. I think he really has lost this team. My question what or how many things put together has made him lose this team so fast???? They seemed to clickin and playin good football in the pre-season, what happened in that short period of time? Kinda makes you step back and wonder, doesnt it?

I liked Kitna last year. He was an emotional leader and was doing things right for us. This year I think his head is stuck up his rear!! This is going to be a long 12 games to watch. I wanna see a WINNING TEAM ON THE FIELD FOR ONCE!!! CAN YOU GIVE THAT TO US FORDS? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?

DetroitSims said...

I just read on Mlive and ESPN.COM that supposedly the Lions are listening to offers for Roy. Roy states that, "If he didnt wanna be here then he wouldnt show up and play! I still get paid if I play or not." No word on what teams are interested.

millersco/Silver LIONing said...

Rod said it, now is the time for leaders to step forward, when things are the worst. So we'll see. I really think switching to the zone running scheme has hurt the team early this year, a lot worse than what they were expecting. Thats the head coach's decision. We ran the ball pretty well last year when we decided to, and I think we will have a good running game before the end of the year with Gos, Manny, KS and Felton. But it has hurt the team emotionally not being able to do it yet, which then won't let the passing game get up and running.

If Rod wants to stay, time to make some good decisions about players and strategy, and not based on seniority - if he can't then he won't be the coach. If Bodden's strength is man to man, then he needs to play that way. If Cody isn't putting any pressure on the QB and isn't getting much penetration (which we all know already) then Fluellen should be playing. DeVries is steady , but he is at the top of his game and isn't a difference maker, need 50 and Avril to show what they are capable of. Dizon had 4 tackles in the last 5 min of the Bears game, mostly at the line of scrimmage. Paris had 9, only 2 solo. Not sure what it is the coaches think he doesn't know yet, he makes tackles, play him. Felton looked just like he did in his college tapes, hard to bring down, boy they need to use him more and make the defense worry about who's getting the ball, KS or Felton. It was a good draft, and there are players that deserve to be playing, and can bring energy. I'd love to see a "near rookie" DL of 50, Cohen Fluellen and Avril playing against the current starting DL for playing time in the game. Who ever brings the pressure and gets off the field on 3rd downs stays in the game longer. Seems like our competition ended after pre-season, guys made the team and lost some of the edge, unconsciously or not don't know. But we need something to jump start the emotion.

Isphet said...

If the Lions trade Roy for anything other than draft picks, I'll be really, really irritated. He's about my least favorite receiver on the team because he just doesn't seem to get it done despite all of his talent, BUT he's still a valuable commodity because other teams will judge him based on his talent level only.

I can't remember the last time the Lions made a trade of players that ended WELL for them; it just hasn't happened. Bly for Foster and Bell? hah. Rodgers for Bodden has been a wash at best; Bodden's been the invisible man this year.

The only way this team can get real long term value from trading Roy is through draft picks, for when we get someone in here that can actually evaluate talent.

Anyways, I agree that while this season is done and that Marinelli has lost this team, the best option is to keep him on for the remainder of the year. When players stop listening to him though; it makes me wonder how bad things are going to get.

The only way I see the Lions selling tickets for the rest of the season is if they play all of their young guys and give the fans some hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Lions had a four game losing streak last season. Granted, it earmarked and foretold of the collapse; however, is this four gamer bigger because it is at the beginning of the season?

If the Lions get that swaggger and find a way to win, is it all for naught? The Lions have issues but it seems the baby and the bathwater were thrown out two weeks ago (shotgun and blitzing more), and now they are figuring that was wrong, too. Coletto needs a philosophy. Marinelli needs to learn how to play-call on offense, too. Another reason why many see him as a good coach and a brilliant motivator, but an incompetent head coach.

However, firing Rod is not the smswer now. You have no one on this staff willing or capable of stepping up. Each of his staff would fall on their sword rather than usurp Rod.

That would make great dinner conversation.

"Hi, Dad. Being an NFL Head COach is quite the honor and a terrific experience."

"Shut up Joe, I can't believe you took my old job when Mr. Ford offerred it to you. P.S. Coal in your stocking, young man."

"Merry Christmas Dad."

"Go pound the rock, Joe."