Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitna to IR

Dave Birkett is reporting that the Lions have placed/are going to place Jon Kitna on IR with torn muscles in his back. This definitely increases the likelihood that with DanO now the starter, Stanton will be taking over at some point this season. I expect them to sign Henson from the Practice Squad, although maybe they will bring back in a safety (Blue?) to replace Alexander, who also went on IR with a neck injury. They signed a FB I know nothing about when they placed Alexander on IR earlier this week.

There is a separate rumor that the Lions are waiting to IR him because Martz wants him bad back in SF -- and Kitna thinks he'll be able to play in a couple of weeks; This means he is done for the Lions either way. SF said they weren't interested, but I think it is one of those "Martz wants it NOW" battles that he so frequently waged behind the scenes here in Detroit. Hopefully, the Lions can get something for Kitna -- and if they trade him versus IR, they will get back some cap space as well for 2008, which they really need.

Either way, Kitna has apparently taken his last snaps as a Lion.


DetroitSims said...

On one hand, I feel bad for Kitna! I mean, the guy came in and became an emotional leader for this team and showed it on the field last year. I cant quite figure out what happened in this offseaon and the first 3 games that he has played this poorly!!! On the other hand, I know Dan-o wasnt pretty in the Minne game but, he did what he was asked to do. I know he made the bone head play in the endzone but, IT WAS HIS FIRST NFL START! Was anyone expecting a Tom Brady moment comming off the bench for us? I think they could get something for Kitna maybe even package McDonald with him??? I did find it interesting that they tried him out on punt returns. I was thinking they were content with furrey, at least they tried something different. Anyways, the new GM comming in might not want to have Kitna and maybe they see that. They figure if they can get something for him instead of just letting him go, then were gonna do it! I guess this comming sundays game against the Texans will show us how soon we might be seeing Stanton. If Dan-o plays a clean game kinda like he did against Minnie, hey may be the starter for the most of the year?? Any thoughts????

Anonymous said...

It's about time... Now there is no choice between the Veteran and the younger guys. I think forcing Kitna onto the IR was one of the better things that has happened this season.

Although nobody has mentioned this in any of the forums Kitna's best pass of the season was in game one when he hit the other teams mascot in the back of the end zone when he over threw our receiver, I believe it was Roy. I just wish it was like the varsity blues movie when the quarterback hits the opposing mascot on a regular basis. Then at least I would be pulling to keep Kitna in for that bit of excitement every Sunday. But I really think after all his concussions he couldn’t tell the difference between the other teams opposing mascots and their defensive backfield…