Saturday, October 4, 2008

Magic 8 Ball

I was reading that a Magic 8 ball has 20 possible responses -- 10 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative. Statsitically speaking, Statisticians indicate that this give the Magic 8 Ball a high probability of getting the answer correct.

How, I'm not sure. But I wonder....

How much better a GM would Millen have been if he used a Magic 8 Ball to decide who he drafted? "Mike Williams? *shake shake* "Future not Bright" - scratch that... go Defense? *shake shake* "Outlook promising"... "Now we're getting somewhere"

How many more games would the Lions be likely to win if Rod used it to determine the gameday roster?

If Coletto used it to call plays? I can see it now -- "Dive Middle, 2nd and 8" -- *shake shake* -- "Never" Okay, scratch that, 4 wides, fade to CJ or Roy...

Expanding upon the idea, I was thinking that what if instead of the "right" playcall, the Lions just put their playbook into Madden, chose "random" and went with it?

Just some random thoughts as I was thinking about the game tomorrow...


kitabug124 said...

If the staff can't do better than a toy designed to give random answers, then they ALL have to go!

Here's an interesting experiment: if anyone has that magic 8 ball, after each play ask it if it was the right call. List the results of the play and the call by the 8 ball and compare.

If the 8 ball is correct more than the staff you have to wonder: Since Millen was hired, he hired people who would have been out performed by a toy! Better yet, somebody with NO KNOWLEDGE of football would have done better!

What are the odds of this organization making bad decision after bad decision? On and off the field? My guess is that the odds of a team winning the superbowl are greater than the last several years of bad decisions and bad performance we've had in Detroit.

I mean, what are the odds that a team will be this bad for this long? The bucs were a joke for how long and yet they won a superbowl?

What are the odds that ONE franchise suffers this badly for this long? What are the odds that the franchise is DETROIT?? It seems statistically impossible!

So, the determining factor is the human element. If the next head coach uses some way to randomly make decisions or play calls, then the statistical odds say the franchise should improve and wins should increase.

WCF needs to interview everyone involved with the turn-around of Tampa Bay. There was a time when Detroit fans said: "Whew! At least we'll never look as bad as the Bucs!"


Look what they did. Follow that pattern. They turned around a dismal franchise. They did it! If they can do it, we can!! I don't believe in luck. Things happen unexpectedly, yes, but if you put yourself in the same position as Tampa, you have the same odds of success, no?

A successful blueprint exists. Duplicating it guarantees more success than what we've had. Things will improve even if they don't lead to a SB- random chance guarantees that!

What do you think?

CHIEFGER139 said...

it will take more than 8 ball to save this team-even a real genie would say sure you dont want a million bucks -even i cant make hell freeze over to make that sorry group winners

Isphet said...

My Magic 8 Ball broke during the Lions' game. It worked GREAT during the preseason: flipping over, giving good, clear readings (How's our tackling? *outlook good*) but once the season started, it started getting much more vague (How's our defense? *reply hazy, try again*.)

Now, it's leaking at the seams and completely unable to give me any answers at all.

I guess I don't need a magic 8 ball to tell me how the Lions are this year. Offense is the worst in the league. Defense is the worst in the league as well, though there are some other pretty bad ones out there. Special teams? Gotta be the worst in the league.

So, at every aspect of the game, the Lions are; you guessed it; the worst in the league.

What happened to the Lions' speed and tackling in the preseason? It's gone. What happened to our receivers' ability to catch the ball (even CALVIN?) It's gone.

This season is an absolute debacle. Their closest game was the Atlanta game where they only lost by 13? Are you kidding me?

The players look completely lost and frustrated during interviews. Even Mike Furrey yesterday. Let's face it; the coaching staff has completely LOST this team; no one is even really playing anymore. It's a really, really sad state for a professional football team to be in. I hate seeing the Lions in it.

I think the players have all quit playing because they don't trust the coaching staff; and if the Lions win even one game this year, it won't happen until they fire Rod. As much as I want to (and still do) like Rod Marinelli; he can't pick assistant coaches, he has very vanilla offensive and defensive philosophies, and those were his downfall. He's just not a good head coach. Good guy, but a terrible head coach.

DetroitSims said...


Yeah you hit it right on the money!! They have quit! Its really sad to see but they have quit. I have liked Rod since day one when he came in but, He style of coaching isnt turing into the results we all wanted to see!!!!!! Its just another sad day to be a lion fan

millersco said...

So now its back to trying to look for positives.
- we are one step closer to seeing Drew Stanton start.
- Gos played a pretty good game I thought. He lost his rusher once and Kitna couldn't step up to avoid it. He seems like he can be our RT of the future.
- Thought Ramirez played a decent game for his first start, his downfield block sprung Smith for an 8 yard carry etc. He let a block go too early once on a screen but he did pretty well.
- Like usual when Dizon was in , he was making tackles. Guess I'm really not sure what the coaches think he doesn't understand well enough to play more or start.
- Felton looked like he did in his college film - runs people over and drags them 5 yards. Not sure why we aren't using him more.
- If we could ever get into a running rythm Kevin would show us a lot more, nice TD run (thats the 2d time he has "finished" a TD run). But our offense can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to do, run or pass, so we don't do well at either right now.
- Dwight Smith seemed to come to play - getting penetration, flying around and playing the run well.

So I thought our young guys played pretty well, there are a few more rookies that need to be in there for the DL that can't seem to get to the QB or put pressure on him without a blitz - and even when we blitz its not soon enough to disrupt the pass.