Monday, August 1, 2011

Roster Game, Set, Match?

We used to play a game every ifseason called our roster "30 lock".  The Lions were so untalented, it was actually difficult to figure who the starters would be, much less the backups and who would make the final roster.  Churn was high.  Talent was low.  UDFA were the next savior of the franchise.  Draft picks from rounds 1-5 were expected -- Needed -- to be quality starters.

As I sit after a few days of de-liquifying our home, just scanning over the Lions' new roster it hit me:
This team is both talented, and at several points - there is depth.  Honest to goodness depth!  We're not talking about the kind of Matt Millen depth where there was a group of similarly talented players at a position - where one got injured and there was another, equally bad player, there to take his place.


We are talking about starters ranging from solid to superstar at every position.  We are talking about backups and rotational depth that can step in and step-up to maintain quality play.  We are talking about an honest to goodness NFL roster!

Are we talking about a playoff roster?  It's too early to tell.  This is the ifseason, and while I'm growing more excited every day for this season full of new possibilities to start - I still hold the caution of "IF"  What I do know is that for the first time in many years we Lions fans know for certain that we have a real NFL front office capable, willing, able, to assemble a real NFL roster.  That alone gives the Lions a fighting chance each Sunday.

No more laughingstock of the league in Motown.  Think we can handle watching a real NFL team in action? I know I'm ready!!



Anonymous said...

I was thinking about that yesterday too. I went over the roster and got to 37 locks without even hesitating. The 37th guy, where I hesitated just a little bit was Jason Hanson - who was about the only unanimous pick a couple years ago!

Nice to see you're blogging again. Should be a fun season.

Go Lions!


JJLions20 said...

There is plenty of hope and optimism for this year’s team. Here is my initial outlook on the team, but until we get past the IF season and start playing games that count then we will really never know what we have.
This team won 6 games in 2010, and you’d think if Stafford stays fairly healthy it’s an 8-8 team. So what other improvements can be counted on… I think for the long term Fairley was a great pick. I just don’t think this rookie DT will have the impact as last year’s rookie DT. Fairly will not be a great improvement or plugging a hole from what we had in 2010. Titus Young may turn out to be s good #3 WR or maybe a #2 someday, but WR is one of the toughest positions (other than QB) to learn and make an impact as a rookie. RB is a position that a rookie can make a positive impact as a rookie. So adding Leshoure, and maybe more importantly a healthy Best could be an additional win. The LB’s will be better with Durant and Tulloch, but they are not big play game changers. So although the LB additions add to better play and closer games, I’m not sure if it adds to wins. The health status of Backus and Cherilus are a big negative. If they are not healthy and ready to go for most of the season, the offence is going to struggle. You can take a win or two away if that happens.

All in all I’d say 8-8, plus or minus a game.

DetFan1979 said...

Hmmm...interesting take JJ. I've not tried to balance it out yet so far, but that is certainly a solid look in my book. I'd say you should have it at 9-7 since the first game in Chicago would be a win 999/1000 times. Other than that, great analysis!

Its good to be back!! - just have to get settled into that flow of things now.