Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drowning In News!

This summer has been hot and dry here in Lansing, and while we needed rain it came a little too much too fast last night.  Flash flooding has been hitting all aroun d- and for the first time ever the DF79 household is under water!!

My Backyard Yesterday
There is a good 2-3 feet of water extending our entire block.  According to the fire department, who checked to be sure it was safe from downed electric etc., only the new weather stripping I put on our back door last fall sealed it well enough to prevent standing water in our basement.  As long as we don't open the door, of course. 

The NFL Landscape for the Lions is pretty much mirroring my flood.  After months with nothing concrete happening whatseover, we have been drowned in a deluge of rumors, signing, information, cuts, camp.... but the Lions as usual are keeping many things sealed up tight even though leaks here and there are giving us great cause for excitement!!

Just like emptying my pool...I mean, basement, is going to take a lot of work in a short time, so too will things begin to calm down so that we may get a clearer picture of where the Lions really are now.  I'm glad to be back, and looking forward to the thrill of this upcoming PLAYOFF season with all of you!!


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