Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Fantasy Draft: Annual League

In a feature I did not follow up on that I plan to do this year is chronicle my misadventures in the DetFan1979 Fantasy Football Leagues.  There are two leagues -- the Annual League, where we draft a whole new league each year and the Dynasty League where we can keep up to 5 players.

Tonight was the Annual League draft.  This is the 4th year of the league, and I had an abysmal showing last season.  It is a 12 team League that starts 1-3 RB, 1-3 WR, and 1-2 TE along with a K, DST, and QB.

Mostly standard scoring, with some long TD bonuses thrown in.  DST is huge in this league as a defense will make or break your year.

here is my final roster:

1.Hasselbeck, Matt TEN QB 6
2.Sanchez, Mark NYJ QB 8
3.Stafford, Matthew DET QB 9
4.Jones, Felix DAL RB 5
5.Thomas, Pierre NOS RB 11
6.Tolbert, Mike SDC RB 6
7.Turner, Michael ATL RB 8
8.Ward, Derrick HOU RB 11
9.Wells, Chris ARI RB 6
10.Burleson, Nate DET WR 9
11.Ward, Hines PIT WR 11
12.Williams, Mike TBB WR 8
13.Williams, Roy CHI WR 8
14.Heap, Todd ARI TE 6
15.Shiancoe, Visanthe MIN TE 9
16.Gould, Robbie CHI PK 8
17.Lions, Detroit DET Def 9
Hint Below: Your league has 17 roster spots, and requires: 1QB 1-3RB 1-3WR 1-2TE 1PK 1Def starters.

As you can see, I am running back heavy so, and more than a little light on wideouts.  Detroit is my only defense, so I'll have to pick up a bye-week replacement.  Overall, I feel like I did pretty decent.  Jones, Turner and Wells are all "feature backs" and Tolbert and Thomas work in shared backfields, so should be good bye week fill ins, or injury fill ins.  I'm not thrilled with my WR position, but Ward and Mike Williams will be my starters.  Hopefully I can upgrade over Roy, or he suddenly shows up ala 2006 (not likely).  At TE, I'm hoping Heap can find synergy with Kevin Kolb.  In his Philly games, Kolb favored the TE Celek who had great numbers when Kolb played.  Whenever Vick played, they dropped off dramatically.  I'm hoping that Kolb will have that effect for Heap in Arizona.

Yes I know I'm a homer.  My team will only go as far as Stafford and the Lions Defense takes them.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Your thoughts?

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