Friday, September 2, 2011

Lions Organization has Class

In stark contrast to the tumultous, rancorous, often bungled situations we as Detroit Lions fans became accustomed to over the Millen Era (and even before) the new front office has turned a sharp about face.  The Lions, instead of dysfunctional, are now often shown to be organized and downright classy.

The perfect example of this is how they responded to the death of Tom "Killer" Kowalski -- honoring him at the first news conference after his passing & the Bills/Lions Preseason game.

But now, they have gone further -- renaming the Press Lounge at the Allen Park facility in his honor, as well as donating a portion of the home-opener concessions to Killer's two favorite charities.  On top of that, they are starting a sports journalism scholarship in his honor. 

That goes far enough beyond classy I'm not even sure which word to use.

I can be proud of the team I root for because when it came time to back up what could have been mere words of sympathy and loss with solid substance, they took up the gauntlet proudly, openly, and far exceeded any token gesture to leave no doubt about the sincerity of the organization's intent nor the pain of their loss.  While we fans lost a bridge to the Lions organization, they too acknowledge having lost a respected bridge to the fans. 

Awesome job Lions!

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