Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peter King: Mon AM Hypocrite

While I understand why it is the national media treats the Lions the way they do when they rightly deserve it is one thing. What Peter King did today is reprehensible.

During the draft, he put out a scathing piece talking about how badly Martin Mayhew got ripped off with Matt Stafford's contract. As my regular readers know, I totally disagree and here is why from my comments on my Draft Day blog: (5th down)

As I said about the money -- these initial reports ALWAYS inflate the values so the agent looks good -- and they are rounded up.

Most reliable info I have right now states that it is 41.7 mil guaranteed, with 72 mil for decent playing time, 78 mil if he is essentially a pro-bowler.

I have also heard that a big initial sticking point was 5yrs vs 6yrs -- the Lions wanted 6. If you look at 1.7 mil over the initial numbers floated about of 40 mil 5 yrs, you can see the Lions DID get a lot of value in their hardball negotiations -- an additional year for about 1.7 mil.

Not bad! Ryan went at 3 vs #1 overall. #1 usually has about 10% minimum increase over #3 for same position -- agent will try for 15% or more. There was a 10% increase in the cap.

So 20 - 25% increase is what the standard would be. Ryan at 36 million guaranteed with 72 million possible. Matt with roughly 42 million guaranteed and 78 million total.

The guaranteed money went up less than 17% and the total value only went up 8.3%.

When you look at it that way, you can see why Condon didn't want to sign on the deal, and that Mayhew did, in fact, do quite well in comparison to what the demands and expectations were to start out with from the player/agent side.

yes, the rookie pay scale is broken. But within the current context, the Lions did quite well.

Mr. King, like many other national media members, also has a thing for Mark "GQ" Sanchez. (must be the airbrushed abs) He is using his own interpretation of the numbers to prove a point. First off, here is the section from his MMQB article:


Mark Sanchez did fine with his five-year, $47.5-million deal with New York, obviously. But there was no pillaging of the Jets salary cap. The only way to judge these things is the way you judge real estate, and when you do it that way, the Jets got more house for their money than Detroit and Atlanta got for theirs.

Let's look at the quarterbacks picked in the top five of the last two years -- Matt Ryan third by Atlanta last year, Matthew Stafford first by Detroit this year, Sanchez fifth by the Jets this year). Ryan and Stafford signed six-year deals, but since Sanchez signed a five-year deal, let's compare apples to apples. Five years to five years. The money each will get over the first five years of their deals, with minimum playing-time incentives reached:

Player Year picked Five-year total Five-year average
Ryan 2008 $56.0 million $11.2 million
Stafford 2009 $61.0 million $12.2 million
Sanchez 2009 $47.5 million $9.5 million

Now, Ryan and Stafford both got picked higher than Sanchez. That's a factor. But it's
interesting this deal got done now, when there wasn't any pressure to get a deal done, rather than five weeks from now on the verge of camp, when the Jets might have been forced to pay more.

The biggest thing I have to say is you are a hypocrite Peter! You said the Lions got taken to the cleaners at draft time – yet in your own “realistic numbers” comparison, the Lions are only paying Stafford 8.93% more per year than Ryan got – despite a 10% cap increase and being #1 overall versus #3 one year earlier. Please note, that according to Peter's own numbers, the value falls into the range I explained -- back on draft day two months ago! -- in comparison to Ryan for "money they are likely to earn" -- not the inflated numbers for "Agent Ego/Pay Purposes".

I think Peter -- and many others -- owe Martin Mayhew an apology for calling the Lions’ contract with Stafford outrageous, and claiming Mayhew "gave in" to Condon -- based on the comparison above, it looks like Mayhew managed to hang tough and get a reasonable deal despite being in a bad situation.

(I emailed Peter King – lets see if I make his mailbag!)

Next time Peter, how about you top twittering, NBC Prepping, column churning, and watching baseball for a while and gets some facts straight before lambasting a first-time GM in Mayhew just because it's "only the Lions." Had Scott Pioli, or Bill Polian, or another "trusted GM" written that contract, it wouldn't have taken two months to put out the numbers like was done on Monday, and it would have emphasized the 8.93% increase in likely money versus the "HUGE INCREASE" in guaranteed money that was trumpeted around.

I leave you again with: 10% increase in the cap, PLUS 1st pick versus 3rd -- yet look at those numbers and percentage increase in Stafford's likely pay to Ryan's. There is hope Lions fans -- it just takes time to sort out the facts sometimes.


CHIEFGER139 said...

DONT let things like this bother you, most dont really care what these guys make or understand it anyhow. bet you nine out of ten fans probably think the reason were so bad is because ford doesnt pay for good players, goes on the cheap, not realizing there is a salary cap and you cant just go out and out bid everyone else for the best players. I havent heard much of anyone saying we paid to much for stafford. bottom line is will he be great or a bust? if hes great no one will care were paying him the big bucks-if he stinks everyone will including the guys who play for him.

DetFan1979 said...

Chief -- it's not that it bothers me how much any of them are getting paid.

What bothers me is that when the Lions were in the spotlight, King and others were screaming about what a ripoff the Stafford contract was -- how horrible Mayhew did; that he blew it.

Yet, two months later, when most of the nation is no longer paying attention to the Lions, King is by his own comparison showing that what he and others said was not accurate --

most of the nation will remember "mayhew is dumber than Millen with his contracts - same old Lions." when in fact, Mayhew did a good job with the contract all thigns ocnsidered.

As with any high draft pick, whether or not they do well ovver the long haul will be the final determinant -- but that point is irrelevant to the image of Mayhew to the nation that King and others portrayed innacurately.

he had a chance to dig in, take a look, and write a thoughtful piece on the contract, and instead gave into the blathering hyperbole taht is so common in sportswriting now. He often does a good job, but in this instance he fumbled at the goal line.

RIP said...

Hey guys, had to repost this about Staffords contract. Just an example of inflated agent's numbers, and what really is.

Here is an interesting article from
on what Stafford's contract really means to the Lion's salary cap. A quick summary of what is actual guanrenteed minimum his contract is. "The actual amount he's absolutely guaranteed to receive under any circumstances is a mere $17.05 million."

He also does a very good job breaking down his contract, as well as clearing up the salary cap with rookies, and other free agents who are not the top 51 paid players on the team.

His article was done on May 11.

nubsnobber said...


I had knee surgery on both knees in October. Once we layed out all the options, my doctor and I talked and felt the surgery was the best course of action. We based it on a certain set of facts and probabilities.
My left knee is doing great; my right still has issues. I don't blame the doctor. Granted he was the GM and coach that assembled the basic plan, but I was the owner that had to agree with the pieces set in place. I understood the concepts, the motivations, and the plays.

In writing articles, the only thing I ever strive for is to have actual facts backing up and supporting my argument.

It's the same thing with someone that has a descenting opinion. People are entitled to an opinion, but have a few facts of why you feel that way.

Morningweg taking the wind. OK. Tell me that Jason Hanson missed 15 in a row in pre-game, and I can live with the decision even if it is wrong.

But when you say you want to run the ball and defend the run, then go out and hire "The Greatest Show on Turf"....we got issues.

When you say Mayhew got fleeced by an agent and the Lions suck, then watch Sanchez and his agent fleece the Jets...don't cry to me. Peter King very clearly is a schoolyard bully who is doing the popular thing by dumping on the Lions. Funny thing is, it looks more like Margaret Houlahan after the shower doors get pulled away in MASH.

There it is...Peter. Naked, embarrased, and looking for cover. Thank God for strategically placed soap suds.

The point is this. I do not blame anyone for dumping on the Lions and their inability to stop the run. Or score points. Or for hiring a defensive "guru" who has...the worst defense. The Lions defense now shares something with Peter King (naked and embarrased-Joe Cullen pun included). I do blame Peter King for NOT doing research and just writing an off-the-cuff gut-reaction about the Lions. He's usually better. This site prides itself on being factually sound. Those are the parameters that have been set since the very beginning to make this a good web site. That's why people have come here, and why others are taking notice of this site. Josh has created a pretty impressive place for Lions' chat. That's why I think he's taking on Peter King. And I couldn't agree more. Bet my knee on it. "Can I please have a vanilla Frosty?"

CHIEFGER139 said...

DETFAN 79 NUBS-THANKS for the attention which I probably dont deserve but face it most of us probably are more informed on this site-I think im more informed then most lions fans just by being on m-live, checking the links people put out extra, but Im still very dumb then the pro's are. Im sure I dont hold a candle to the two of you but face it all of us on here are very lion biased, I know I am, they dont go where I want them to in the draft, the players who make the team, the players who play and who dont play. I then try to reason why there doing it , somewhat figure it out and usually buy in, if theres any kind of decent reasoning-sometimes I change 180 degrees sometimes I dont.Like your blog detfan79 but maybe this article was over most our heads and hard to respond to-why so few response I figure, maybe time to start the roster predictions again to start some interest or now that things are stagnant address a possible starting lineup with backups, areas they didnt address and are still huge holes in your oppinion-like say defensive tackle-its still darby-they got jackson but hes out 4 weeks possibly-is that a huge hole? cb's-better or the same ol again. maybe go position by position every few days and tell us your opinion-better or not-that even goes with the coaches-think that will generate a lot more interest than this. signed the wize chief!!

Todd said...

Really enjoyed those pieces. The road to 0-16 ones were great for a less-vested young fan like myself to learn some not so distant, but important history. Keep up the great work as everyone has said!

Totally agree with you on the Stafford contract as well. I've had to argue it with Eagles fans at work here in PA numerous times when they follow the national pundits and say we "paid stafford too much." Like you said mayhew did good for being already in a corner to start with having the 1st pick with no rookie cap.

kitabug124 said...

Aren't we better off with the rest of the world thinking Mayhew got taken? I'll take being underestimated over being appreciated at this stage of the game, wouldn't you?

Better to be good than recognized.

People often say that perception is reality and that is true at times. But when reality contradicts perception in your favor...

We can use all the help we can get. Respect and recognition has to be earned and to be honest the Lions haven't earned anything yet...

Early indications are that we are on the verge of starting to earn our stripes. Be prepared, the rest of the world will not give credit nor respect easily to this franchise. It will have to be earned begrudgingly through a lot of knock-down drag outs.

Respect and accolades will only come when they are earned through performance and victory. Until then, people will be careless and flippant about what they say about the Lions. The only way people will be accurate about us is when we make them by our performance. Then respect will dictate fair treatment and accurate, well thought out commentary.

Winning cures a lot of ills.

That's the bottom line.

DetFan1979 said...

One thing I have done since this blog started is take ill-researched articles about the Lions in National Media, (or sometimes local) and then done the proper research to fill it out, add some additional commentary, and then eitehr commend or lambaste as appropriate.

Sure, it's easy to just spout off crap - but that is not what, as professional journalists (especially of Mr. King's stature) they are paid to do.

MOST of the time, Mr. King well researches, and tries to fairly represent what he is writing about. This is just an instance where he didn't -- and since it regarded the Lions I called him out on it. Why have just the bad info floating out there?

It doesn't anger me. The people who matter -- agents especially -- know what is up. Hopefully the Lions do really well and surprise everyone.

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