Monday, June 1, 2009

Mocking the Mocks: 2009

We attempted to mock a couple of early drafts this year. Most of us, sad to say, deserve to be just plain mocked. Our efforts were good, but with a new front office and coaching staff after years of Millen drafts -- lets just say, it was hard to call.

First off -- your humble blogger. The only pick I even got close to right was Matt Stafford. From april 8th:

"#1. Matthew Stafford: If Linehan and Schwartz are sold on him having the ability to be at worst an above average QB they will take him. While as I said he won't start til likely a fair amount into the season depending on Culpepper's play, they will be able to season him and have a veteran in place for when the rest of the team is on track"

After that -- forget it. I was too stuck in the mindset of the Millen years when I wrote that mock, versus looking at who the likely BPA at an area of need was. Instead, I "reached" for the "biggest need" area.

I wasn't alone in my...umm...near-total ineptness? Lambo and Chief were spot on as much as I was (meaning they got Stafford right...) ClusterFox had Stafford only right in his "What Mayhew Will Do" mock, but did predict Pettigrew at 20 in his "What I'd Like to See" mock.

So how about the rest of our informed readers? Did they beat the blogger with their mystical prognostication abilities??

Lopper made a valiant effort, but whiffed like Kenoy Kennedy trying to tackle Adrian Peterson in 07. Nothing but air. You are not alone, however, as Millenismad/MayhewsMen also got as many right as the Lions did wins in 08. Rounding out this group was KCLion fan, Dreamer1955 and DetSims. Millersco gets a half-win for predicting the Lions taking a KR with #85.

Speaking of Derrick Williams, said KR was predicted at #82 by NoCoach, who also got Stafford right! NoCoach was one of just two people to get two players right in their mock draft. Riley also had the Lions picking Williams -- but at #65. Still, better than most of us did!

RIP was the only one to peg the Lions taking Sammie Hill -- but he was over a full round early with him at #82. Of course, that was supposed to be about where he was drafted -- in the mid-low 3rd so getting him 33 picks later was a steal for the Lions!

Finally, William had Delmas at 33 -- we seemed split between Delmas, Alphonso Smith, and thinking one of those OG/C who went really early would be there... But William had it right!

Our big winner? His love of Curry spoiled 3 right, but a great effort by Minker. Congratulations!! You were our best mock drafter!! Minker nailed BOTH Pettigrew at 20 AND Delmas at 33.

It was a lot of fun looking at everyone's predictions in this topsy-turvy draft that saw a big muddle of draft picks around the same talent level, most of the big names dropped like a rock, and a new coaching staff and front office. We'll have to see how we do in year 2 of the Mayhew Era.

Meanwhile, great to be back blogging! Everyone is finally healthy, and time has finally settled down a bit again for the DetFan1979 clan (as much as it can with 3 little pink Lions anyway!)


ClusterFox said...

DF- Great to have you back, hope all is well.

I think we all made the similar mistake of trying to get the most quality players in various areas of need. The Lions went after the guys that we can hopefully(barring injury) pencil in to are starting lineup for years to come.

Being a Bronco myself I'm dissappointed someone else called the Delmas pick, and I didn't. But I believe We're all going to be very happy with our first 3 picks sooner than later.

Now that Birketts leaving and Killer seems to be posting few and far between, I'm looking forward to some of your upcoming subject lines. Like how about all the 300-pounders. Rain or shine this year is going to be fun.

Thanks again for all your effort,


Deano the Great said...

Welcome back - missed your insight and writing abilities.

I typically don't do mocks - just not my thing. I am one of those who had that "I can't believe they just did that" looks on my face after the end of the draft on Sunday. It seems rather obvious that Mayhew and Co. are stacking their Lion lives on Stafford turning out to be the next Jay Cutler. Big gamble if you ask me but I hope against hope the gamble pays off. My initial criticism was the glaring needs on defense as well as the OL to protect him. However, they seem to have addressed those concerns fairly well with some of their off season pickups, ending up with Jansen. Now if he and the rest of them can just stay healthy...

Ty said...

Whoooooooo DF79 is back!

Welcome back, man, great to have you writing again. People make fun of Kiper for not hitting 70-80% of his picks, but anyone who's ever made a serious go of this knows that it's practically impossible.


Anonymous said...


Great story, I am not surprised that a lot of us missed on the mock drafts. Great to hear how everyone did tho!!! Keep the REAL stories comning, WE MISSED YA!!


Isphet said...

It's not going to get any easier to guess what they are going to do in future drafts.

2010 draft: year of the "mock Guess"

Anonymous said...

DF79, great to have you back! You've been missed and I'm glad to hear everyone is in good health and spirits. Very much looking forward to your regular posts!

Two things, the second I need help from you guys because its driving me nuts. First is just want to mention how dissapointed I am that we're losing Dave Birkett. I'm sure many of you know as well as I do how truely big of a loss it is to a pretty cool Lions fan community we have. Lions fans may not have the best team, far from it but we're very hungry and the team does have a very solid base of DAILY followers. Birkett really brought a lot to the table and he will be sorely missed. The only positive I can see is that in my opinion he was hands down the best at getting insider information, and with him gone it plugs one last hole to the new Belichick-like air-tight Schwartz ship? I don't know, just digging on that one but need something haha.

Second, need help from my community buddies here. I am totally confused on this waiver wire thing that keeps coming up in press articles and its driving me nuts. What the heck does us being first on the waiver wire have to do with all this. Ie: Jansen gets cut, okay so we get to claim him?? He's a free agent can't he go wherever the heck he wants for the best price he can get? Same with Tra Battle and now today this safety etc I'm missing something here. Explain!

(Trying for the first time to post from my blackberry and when I used my tag it didn't work)

Andrew said...

Wooo great to see him back...

I like this blog..

Thanks for sharing...