Monday, June 8, 2009

Road to 0-16, and Recovery

I read a few articles, and had some thoughts during hiatus about the Lions' 0-16 season. What preceded it? What led up to it historically? What preceded that era of progression? How did the season itself unfold - why did it happen?

Not just a quick look -- but an in-depth dive into how the Lions got to where they are heading into 2009. Thus, this week I will be writing a 3 - 4 part series on this subject matter.

Road to 0-16, and the Journey to Respectability.

Look for the first installment tomorrow!!

Also, good comments on last story, so check them out.


kitabug124 said...

Using the wrong system for the wrong people is one consideration. It is rare that a team can implement a new system that will work with the personnel that they have. Teams are best when they find or create a system that will maximize the talent that they have. It has often been said that there is not so great a difference in talent between the worst and the best NFL teams. If we take that as a true premise then the Lions as a franchise have set an all time high mark in misusing the talent they have had. In the eighties and nineties it was said that the Lions had the best drafts in all the league... Remember when the old saying was that once they left the Lions they would become stars?

The Millen regime was atrocious and almost criminal in the way they destroyed the franchise. However, the key to respectibility and even fear is maximize what you have. Don't sacrifice to the extremely proud thought that someone has the perfect system. No system is perfect. The systems are always changing and teams continue to copycat previous successes of other teams. The really successful teams don't care what others do, they maximize what they have and create or modify the system that unleashes the strengths of the players that they have. That's how stars and pro-bowlers are "discovered" that others missed.

We need genius coaches without the pride and arrogance that they have the solution before they even know what the problems are. Let's hope that Mayhew and Lewand have found them.

CHIEFGER139 said...

I truely love your blog one of the few times the blog is actually better than the article your blogging on-but in det fan79's defense he will address it much more soon.Oh so how much I agree at 9-7 just missin the field go that sent us to the playofss instead of the rams we bring in millen and he totally guts the team and coaches with the theory this is how it is done-sure i could tweak it there and here and make the playoffs win a game or two in the playofss but never ever make it to the promised land because you will always be a mid-level team-never get the top ten draft picks you need to win it all and be stuck in a mediocrocy forever because of it-good enough to make the playoffs or challenge to be there but no further. Millen comes in saying thats your problem-your stuck in the rut will be here forever-you have to gut this team-go to the only style that wins superbowls-the west coast and take your lumps to get the high picks needed to win it all!! Ford bought it-instaed of goin from mediocre we went to worst-im sure millen said this would happen and needed to happen-to get the top draft picks-why ford was so patient!! good idea but failed big time he brought us to bottom as planned-got the good draft picks-blew most all of them-backed a system he never could get the players or coaches he needed-tryid to be a tough guy take no bull off of anyone type guy and pissed off anyone that was decent and wanted to stay here-continued to be bull headed and make this team like siberia-the worst team ever you could be sent too-dumpin ducket without a phonecall-marty your my man for sure but as soon as mooch is available your fired-batch your my man-another total lie-the list goes on and on calin thomas a faggot the guy was the worst ever in handlin players-yet the best ever in sellin tickets sold out every game-via his buddies at herman miller you idiot spartan fans who will do anything to see the likes of charles rogers, stanton, ducket-millen is the naster salesman and you sparties are ripe for the takin and he knew it-yes millen ruined are team but the question still remains is kitabug right and we need a tweak job? or is the millen previous plan of gut all and start over is better,I think at 0-16 its much easier-all the kings men and all the kings horses couldnt put humpty back together again!! millen was wrong it needed tweaked but unfortuantely mayhew has no choice-over haul it and do it big time-very little pieces of this broken puzzle needs savin!!
signed the wize chief!!
ps early on I got on det fan79 for writin a book-it wasnt 1/2 this long!! sory detfan79

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