Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lockout Blackout

Its been an interesting year.  While continuing to deal with ankle issues, I went and completely wrecked up my shoulder, Matthew Stafford style.  Its about 90% surgery at this point - and after being at a computer all day at work, just have not been able to sit down at night to research and type up articles. 

Now, while this normally wouldn't have stopped me, something else happened: the lockout.  There is no real information coming from anywhere. Nada.  Other than specualating about college players I haven't been able to research, there is no Lions news of note.  No position battles. No free agency. Heck, we don't even know who the free agents are/will be yet! 

The NFL blacks out a game for the local viewing audience when it doesn't sell out entirely.  Well, I'm going to pull an opposite.  Since the players are MIA the NFL is getting blacked out by me.  I am going to keep focusing on my health and family for right now.  Once the blackout ends, I will be able to dive in with gusto to the new CBA, free agency if it happens, etc.  Until that time, I hope the rest of you will join me in taking advantage of this nice break and once the draft is over do something else for a while.  Spend more time with your loved ones, start a new hobby, whatever it may be, and then come back to the Lions refreshed and excited for what should be a benchmark season for the team. 



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Lucas said...

Agreed. Nice to hear from you though. I miss the Congregation.

Go Lions.