Friday, December 24, 2010

Lions Congregation: Merry Christmas!

Happy Holiday wishes from the entire Lions Congregation!

This is the season that brings to mind what football is about - entertainment, family, fun. About keeping cinnected with your brother by going to a couple of games together each season. Good times, good food, great memories.

May all of you have a great holiday, and we'll be back to answering you Lions questions next week!

Joshua Pung

On behalf of the entire Lions Congregation


RIP said...

I know 'tis isn't the season for yet to think of the future of the Lion's "If Season", but figured I would state some observations going forward with there run game.

First I looked at thier personnel up front when all are healthy. What they have are power blockers in Peterman, Cherilus, and Pettigrew. Then you have your finness blockers in Riola, Sims, and Scheffler. I originally had Backus in the latter group, but believe he could do both with good results.

This is not a bad thing to have for they can use the right side to wall off one side for misdirection plays to the left, or leave a hole open for the trap and kick-out blocks coming from the opposite side. The down side to this is we will have mixed results on short yardage runs when the defense expects it to be coming. Load up the strong side while neutralizing the other side. It makes for the power run more manageable to defend against.

In saying that, I believe Linehan, and the O-line coach has done an excellent job with this. They first had to clean up the occassional missed assignments to have been able to move forward to this point. I still believe that with all the injuries on the O-line going into our bye week slowed our cohesion of our run game earlier.

So where am I going with this?

Looking around the NFL, we Detroit Lines go have a very good offensive line if used properly. And this somewhat surprising considering all the coaching and philosophy changes, and lack of drafts that had gone on with the unit in the past 10 years. Remember that Kevin Smith was drafted to run in a zone blocking scheme, which is to run thru lanes that the defense opens up.

So what do we have?

We have our starting 5 for next year and a developement tackle in Fox. The other tackle is basically in the same situation as Stanton, a four year vet that should be paid like one. The interior we still need to upgrade on.

But that is only part of the run game. We also have to look at the timing from center to when the runner gets back to the line. Is it a coincidense that our run game improved with Stanton behind center? I am going to stop with that for I really do not know.

Where I think we can make the most improvement is in another RB. I like all the guys we have but sometimes its like the pieces just don't fit. Smith just doesn't have the speed for the misdirect run plays. We may not have the right O-line for Felton's style of play. At times it feels like an adventure when passing to Morris. He seems not to have the natural feel like Smith and Best when the ball is in the air. Best, being injured most of the season, is truly hard to gauge. He was explosive when healthy, and is also a very good reciever.

So what I see is us trying some new guys again. Guys with size and sub 4.5 speed who are not just straight ahead pile moving runners.

Thanks for the read guys.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

RIP said...

Did I witness a Marty Morningweg coin flip decision from Sprano? I will defer the kick until the second half instead of taking the wind for the second and fourth quarters. With our QBs arm strength and injuries, it makes for an interesting call to give us the advantage in those 2 quarters.

Henne's fourth quarter int's reminded my of our past teams. The first one was a result of the reciever running the wroung route. It brought back memories of Kitna throwing to Roy Williams that was open but running his own route that wasn't called. Then there was the receiver who fell on Levy's int. At least it is not always on the QB if a team wins or loses.

Speaking of Roy Williams. My next door neighbor is a huge Cowboys fan. Buys the NFL Ticket every year even though he really can't afford it. He felt great about his Cowboys getting Williams at the time of the trade. I tried to go easy on him and stated not to expect too much out of him in Dallas. He now knows what I was talking back then. It also shows that great talent does not neccessarily means winning games. I guess what I am saying is we finally are adding pieces that do matter from the top all the down to the players.

My question for the week. Would you rather have a second year strong-armed QB as a third stringer, or a guy going into his fifth NFL season? I bring this up for I would love to see Stanton run Miami's wildcat from a "T" shotgun formation with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in the backfield. Think of all the posibilties. Can there be a trade in the works for this to happen?