Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Killer Film Breakdown - Lions at Dolphins

Here is a summary of Killers film breakdowns of the Lions at Dolphins on Mlive.com:

O-Line Struggled Early

Run D Forces First FG

Stare-Down Leads to Pettigrew TD

Breakdowns Ruin Good Individual Defensive Plays

Trouble Running Against a 7 Man Front

CJ Key Even When Not Catching the Ball

Henne Feels Suhs Displeasure

Vashers Run Defense Solid Too

Rookie Mistake Leads to first Henne INT

Levy Makes Offense Pay for Slip

I admit I was frustrated most of the game as the Lions were thisclose to making a big play, but werent getting it done.  One player would crash into the backfield, another would lose contain.  One player would make a great block, another would let someone into the backfield on the opposite side.  Both teams were grinding out a solid but not spectacular game all around until the 4th quarter. 

Then things finally clicked together for the Lions and thisclose became big plays that changed the game in the Lions favor allowing them the solid win.   The end to this season is validating the progress we thought we were seeing under the Mayhew-led Lions organization in terms of talent, and Jim Schwartz in terms of coaching.  Both areas are now passing the eye-test on the field and the part that matters most in the W column.  The Lions now have 5 wins, and could end the year at 6-10.  Ill be at Ford Field next Sunday for the season endcap. 

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