Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Draft Position Scenarios

Thanks to Rubicon of Mlive Lions forum for boiling down the draft position scenarios into an easy to understand format:


Draft Position:

by  Rubicon, 12/29/10 4:56 PM

We're guaranteed between #4 and #14.

If we WIN, we gain one spot from #14 for each of the following that happen:

- Browns beat Steelers

- Seahawks beat Rams

- Titans beat Colts

- Redskins beat Giants

- any 3 of the following (we would pick ahead of the Vikings, if 2 happen we would have a coin flip with them, if less than 2 then the Vikings would pick ahead of us): Saints beat Bucs (counts twice), Seahawks beat Rams, Cardinals beat 49ers

If we LOSE, then we are #8 and gain one pick for each of the following:

- Bengals beat Ravens

- Bills beat Jets

- Cowboys beat Eagles

- Texans beat Jaguars

So most likely if we win we get #12 or #13, and if we lose we get #6 or #7.

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