Sunday, October 3, 2010

Solid Loss

Solid Loss

October 3rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

I was a good bit worried about the quality of game I’d get to watch on my birthday. However, the Lions well outplayed any expectation of them. On the road, at Lambeau, backup QB, and yet… the Lions lose a close 2 point game. The only frustrating part would be that this game was winnable, but that the defense just couldn’t get a stop on that last drive. Despite that, it comes down to the Lions making a few mistakes, but on the whole being able to move the ball on offense and get pressure on defense.

This game, the secondary was still pretty weak as far as defensive links go. That being said, nice interceptions by Chris Houston and Alphonso Smith. Charles Woodson got away with his usual muggings that would be pass interference on anyone not named “Woodson” but that is normal against any team the Pack plays, so no “Lions Officiating” present there.

It was great to see the Lions put together what I would call a complete game. There were lapses and mistakes. There were great plays and sustained drives. The Lions needed a perfect game to beat a much more talented Green Bay team, and they came up short. But they still hung with the Pack in a game they were projected to lose by two plus scores.

Thanks Lions for that nice birthday treat — the only thing better would have been a win. Still, if the team keeps improving like this it won’t be long… especially once Stafford comes back.

Rating: 9.8/10 (6 votes cast)
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5 Responses to “Solid Loss”

  1. By KCLionFan on Oct 3, 2010

    Yes, good effort and a lot of positives. If you would’ve told me last week you could have 26-28, I’d say “I’ll take it”

    Athletically, the Lions were right there. Still have to cut down on the mistakes. I see a better product on the field, and they need a few wins to bolster their psyche….

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  2. By Lionfan73 on Oct 3, 2010

    I’m past the point of “good loses”. This game was lost because of too many penalties…and an inability to get into the end zone. I still have alot of faith in the coaching staff…too much blame is put on coach’s. It’s the players who are ultimatly to blame. Vanden Boesch commits too many foolish penalties. It’s great to hustle..but you must play smart. Lack of disciplin killed the Lions today. Some players just don’t have that, and never will.

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  3. By Andrew on Oct 4, 2010

    it still bothers me that hanson didn’t get to try a 54 yarder for the lead. it was for the LEAD! c’mon.

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  4. By Rip on Oct 5, 2010

    Ok, I am back. Although I am still not happy with the way this season is going. I do have several observations from my perspective to comment on.

    1. During the preseason, I commentted on the team had a decent chance to be good this year if the injury bug does not hit them due to poor depth. That has not happened. History shows if if you miss the off-season or training camp, chances are good for a disappointing season. We have at least 5 such players on defense. Our QB of the defense (Levy) and leader of the secondary (Delmas) missed most of training camp and practices during the week due to injury. Then have you add the others who where not there sure as Alphonso Smith, Jackson, and Wendle and now we are talking 25 percent of the defense.

    Kevin Smith and Pettigrew are trying to catch up to game speed on offense, and we still do not have relieable backups on offense at the O-line and receiver positions.

    2. This maybe a question for the congregation after the by week. When Stafford comes off injury, do we have a better chance to win with him or Hill the first couple of weeks. Remember that Stafford would have played 10 full games(?) of his 22 game career.

    3. Has anyone gotten tried of seeing Bryant Johnson on the field? He reminds me so much of Schackleford when he was on the Lions. His dropped passes along with Pettigrew’s is driving me crazy, although the latter is trying to catch up to the speed of the game. This and the fact we have to play an infured Peterman is stunting the offense. It is a wonder Johnson is on the team considering he does not play special teams.

    3. As far as the Green Bay goes. Good intertain-ing and close game. With the complaining that Rodgers did after the game, I have to wonder if the coach mostly wanted to work on thier running game which would normally be done during the bye week. Rodgers knew where we were weak at and it was not defending 2 WR sets.

    4. Home field advantage and missed calls are one thing. A challenge flag needs to be thrown from every where who is interested in the game towards some of these people working for the networks and the officiating crews.

    5. At what is really frustrating about this season as we are improving is there may not be a season next year.

    I am still watching the games, but as you can tell I am down on this season and the way the game itself goes.

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  5. By CHIEFGER139 on Oct 6, 2010

    its tough being 0-4 but on the brightside were in every game, basically have had 3.5 games without our starting qb and most likely would be 4-0 if he played all of them and if we don’t quit can easily see us winning the division next year as a old vike team splits up, a old chicago team starts to go down hill and a older pack team begins to drop as we begin to get better. maybe i’m dreaming but hope not.

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