Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh My Guard! Potential FA on the Interior Line

Oh My Guard! Potential FA on the Interior Line

January 17th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Great comments everyone!! The ifseason always seems to bring us all back to life with renewed energy and optimism. The Honolulu Blue sun is shining bright for the future!!

Martin Mayhew has already hinted there won’t be a large number of $1 million plus per year contracts doled out this ifseason — at least not by the Lions. The one spot Detroit may spend — and have a shot at landing someone? It is an area of need: Left Guard.

There are at least 5 different interior linemen among the top free agents available in an otherwise thin class. Coupled with a deep draft at many positions this year that will push many guys who would be 2nd rounders normally into the 3rd and 4th rounds (such as top OG prospects…) this ought to mean the Lions have a shot to get at least one good offensive guard this ifseason (preferably two, considering Peterman’s injury history).

The three interior OG available are Eugene Amano, Stephen Neal, andBobbie Williams (whom I think the Bengals will re-sign, thus not hitting the market), along with Logan Mankins and Jahari Evans. Of these, Amano is the one, in my opinion most worth going after. To get a little more info, I shot an email over to my editor (Bryan Douglass), who grades out offensive lines for Fanball’s fantasy offerings. These were his thoughts on Amano:

There are three guards of proven skill on the free agent market this offseason… Logan Mankins, Jahri Evans, and Eugene Amano. Amano is a converted center but has done VERY well in getting the left side buckled along with tackle Michael Roos.
I honestly believe that Tennessee line was the best in the game this season. Amano will be fielding offers from several teams (including, I hope, the Broncos). He would be a solid addition for any team.
While he is sure to be in hot demand, Amano is young and productive. If Martin is to give anyone huge stupid money to sign here, I would like it to be him. He is the type of Free Agent player that adds talent, and adds it for long term. He is still on the upside of his career and will be a heck of a player for whoever lands him. Mankins is the other one I’d like to see targeted. NE has two younger OG they want to work into their O-line rotation, and the Pats are notorious for not paying big bucks to keep positions such as O-Line. Mankins is only 27 — BUT — thanks to the new CBA rules he is a restricted FA. Still, he would be well worth a 3rd rounder as he is a proven young LG that would step right in as a long term starter for Detroit.
The poll I’ve had up indicates that, like me, you mostly feel OG (LG in particular, where Amano plays) is the THE biggest need to fill in FA. I totally agree. It is tops on the list with no doubts. If they don’t get Amano, they should at least land one of the other 4 (although a couple are Mulitalo types on the downside that you may get one good year out of) to get the Oline in a stronger position, and allow the Lions to develop a later round pick into a starter in one to two years.
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2 Responses to “Oh My Guard! Potential FA on the Interior Line”

  1. By LionWing20 on Jan 17, 2010

    Once again great article and we do need a guard or 2. I would like to see Mankins I just don’t know enough about Amano but, if he is what you say than go for him. I was thinking about the LG for the 49Ers Roos out of UofM he’s been playing great but, just a 3 year starter so I don’t know how that plays out this year. I seen him as a unrestricted free agent. The other thing I was thinking of is how can both Woody and Kosier leave and become starters on playoff teams but, sink so bad in Detroit? Is it or was it the coaches, game plan or did they come for the pay check? I do know they both Right Guards but still why?

    Great story again. I had fun in the Dynasty League. Go Lions.

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  2. By Isphet on Jan 19, 2010

    I think it’s worth it for the Lions to do it right and spend the money on Amano. The only way to TRULY evaluate Backus and Raiola is to get someone in that you KNOW is productive elsewhere. That way, you can’t blame their annual failings on the guy between them.

    I don’t like the idea of Mankins. He’s older and will probably suffer from “Cassel Syndrome” (looked good on the Patriots, but not many players don’t.)

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