Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bear at Lions: Nursery Rhymes

Bear at Lions: Nursery Rhymes

January 3rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

“There once was a girl, who had a little curl right in the middle of her head. And when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was awful.” In two sentences, the story of the Chicago Bears this season — Jay Cutler and their Defense in particular.

When Cutler is on, you get shootouts like versus Minnesota. When the defense is on, they had some close losses. When both are clicking, they dominate. Hasn’t happened near enough for them this season. It’s either hot or cold.

This game could, like many of their contests this season, be a win or loss for the Lions. The Bears have many flaws right now — with one of the biggest under center. They also have many strengths, again one of the biggest under center. The Bears live and die by Cutler’s INT’s. If Gunther can get pressure on Cutler, and the offense can at least deliver enough points to keep the Bears out of a run-only mode, then Cutler will throw some picks.

This game will wrap up the Lions’ season, and then it will be time for more analysis on the season, speculation, and looks back at best and worst moments. We will have a whole ifseason — tomorrow through the next 8 months without real football. So sit back, and win or lose know the odds are the Lions are picking 2nd or third in the draft. Not really a way to “screw up” their draft position — which means we can just enjoy the game for what it is: a contest to entertain us, and give us an excuse to be with friends and family, sharing a common bond.

Enjoy the first game of the New Year!!

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One Response to “Bear at Lions: Nursery Rhymes”

  1. By JJLions20 on Jan 3, 2010

    And let the Draft talk begin….
    A QB always rises up the board and is considered with the #1 pick. The best palyer in the Draft looks like Suh. Is it easier to trade the #2 pick then the #1 pick because of the price tag on that #1 pick?

    Here is my position on the Lions Draft. After the way the Lions staff performed in the draft last year, I’m willing to trade down and get as many picks as possible in the first 3 rounds. Worst case if they can’t find a trade, they wind up with Suh or McCoy.

    Free Agency could be very underwhelming.
    Given a player needs to have 6 years of experience before entering into free agency it will limit the number of players in the pool. Each team gets two franchise tags so the real impact players will not be in the pool this year. The free agents will be older and with age, they will be looking for multi year deals with a chance to get to the Superbowl. That does not seem to be a fit for what Detroit is looking for in a FA. The best we can hope for is to find an OG that we can overpay (over paying for a guard destroy the Salary Cap). Not many teams would puts a franchise tag on an OG.
    There may be a guy coming off injury that could be worth the risk. Aaron Kampman comes to mind. Then there is always the need for a #2 QB. So if the Lions could fill the LG
    A trade is also a possibility. One of the LB could be expendable. Would you trade Peterson or Sims for a proven starting LG or CB?
    So the Winter months could be a little boring, but we’ll be in good shape if come late April the Lions come away with a starting LG and or CB, a back-up QB, and looking like either Suh, McCoy or a whole host of picks.

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