Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fumbled Opportunities

Fumbled Opportunities

January 3rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

The title of this article is appropriate not only for today’s game, but the season as a whole. Culpepper’s early int set the tone for the tone for the offense. While I was pleased with how they came backtp tie the game, Williams’ return fumble was the nail in the coffin.

There was hope for the future in some of the recent young picks playing good, anticipation of the young offensive players returning, and dark visions of the past still rearing their ugly head. A few thoughts from the game:

Felton was still a load as a pass catcher, and out of the backfield. I would like to see more of him. (seems like two seasons now I’ve been saying that. Is there something I’m missing?)

If the Olson TD in front of Dizon wasn’t offensive pass interference, what is?? They called Heller for less than that. Olson ran 10 yds, blocked Felton back, and then caught the ball. Didn’t like the officiating at all in this one.

Culpepper looked okay, but missed at least two sure TD passes with errant throws. He won’t be back in Detroit.

Morris looked really good again as the starting back. Brown is also starting looking better, and with Felton tossed in the running game didn’t miss a beat. Don’t forget that Morris doesn’t have a lot of carries on those wheels since he has spent his career as a backup. Think Micheal Turner.

The oline did ok in run blocking, but pass blocking was still iffy in many cases. Sorry Dylan Gandy. You got your shot, but just didn’t perform good enough to be an answer at OG in Detroit.

The fake punt didn’t work, but it was a lot more entertaining as games go than last year’s season finale that clinched 0-16.

Did anyone else notice that Stan Kwan may have saved his job in the second half of the season? Hester had one or two good returns, but both the coverage and return units have been getting it done.

With St. Louis also losing, the Lions locked up #2 pick in the draft. Am I the only one who is actually looking forward to see what playmakers Mayhew takes with these high round picks? With how this year’s picks have played, I’m looking forward to the draft.

Cutler and the Bears offense had yet another goodgame. They appear to have found a rythm or some kind of sync on what was working against the Vikings. It will be interesting to see if it carries into next season.

As we head into the ifseason, keep in mind there is NO cap, but also that players need 6 years vs 4 to enter FA. This will make for a very thin, older FA class as JJLions20 explained in further detail on the comments last story.

The Season is over, but now we get to the Ifseason where instead of just what is, we get to go what if… Looking forward tosending

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6 Responses to “Fumbled Opportunities”

  1. By JJLions20 on Jan 3, 2010

    And let the Draft talk begin….
    A QB always rises up the board and is considered with the #1 pick. The best palyer in the Draft looks like Suh. Is it easier to trade the #2 pick then the #1 pick because of the price tag on that #1 pick?

    Here is my position on the Lions Draft. After the way the Lions staff performed in the draft last year, I’m willing to trade down and get as many picks as possible in the first 3 rounds. Worst case if they can’t find a trade, they wind up with Suh or McCoy.

    Free Agency could be very underwhelming.
    Given a player needs to have 6 years of experience before entering into free agency it will limit the number of players in the pool. Each team gets two franchise tags so the real impact players will not be in the pool this year. The free agents will be older and with age, they will be looking for multi year deals with a chance to get to the Superbowl. That does not seem to be a fit for what Detroit is looking for in a FA. The best we can hope for is to find an OG that we can overpay (over paying for a guard destroy the Salary Cap). Not many teams would puts a franchise tag on an OG.
    There may be a guy coming off injury that could be worth the risk. Aaron Kampman comes to mind. Then there is always the need for a #2 QB. So if the Lions could fill the LG
    A trade is also a possibility. One of the LB could be expendable. Would you trade Peterson or Sims for a proven starting LG or CB?
    So the Winter months could be a little boring, but we’ll be in good shape if come late April the Lions come away with a starting LG and or CB, a back-up QB, and looking like either Suh, McCoy or a whole host of picks.

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  2. By CHIEFGER139 on Jan 4, 2010

    as bad as we are we do look like a better team than last year, I like morris, finally a guy with some break away speed, usually you can get the best guard in the entire draft in the second round and as high as were picking one of the tops should be there for us in round 3 or could trade up from that spot to get one leaving our 1st 2 picks 2 whoever they want, so easily see us getting 3 young starters to go with the rest of our guys with possibly a couple of other starters or ones who contribute immediately. if they stay with the young guys, once we finally do turn the hump to mediocracy we will be a young improving team, see the bears getting older and we catch them in a few years or pass them buy, same will happen to the vikes and pack eventually, we just need to stay patient and dont look for quick fix lame brain plans.

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  3. By jreffy on Jan 4, 2010

    All you can do is hope and pray that St. Louis wants a QB, and that Clausen gives a lights-out performance at the Combine and the Notre Dame Pro-Day.

    Otherwise, if Suh isn’t available, I’m with JJ and trade down. The ideal situation to me is that St. Louis takes a QB, and the Lions start fielding a ton of offers for Suh. Make no mistake about it, there are maybe only a two or three teams in the entire NFL who would pass this guy up. If Suh is available at #2, I’d hold out as long as they can in an effort to pick up a lot of picks. If a blockbuster offer doesn’t come through, take Suh.

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  4. By Lopper on Jan 5, 2010

    This reminds me a lot of a couple years ago where Calvin was the consensus best player, and Oakland had first pick.
    I wonder if Mayhew will be more likely to deal the pick if Suh falls than Millen was.

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  5. By jreffy on Jan 6, 2010

    On a side note, Washington has hired Shanahan to coach.

    I wonder if Washington will be hit with a fine like Millen was for not interviewing any minority candidates?

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  6. By MGLion on Jan 6, 2010

    Not likely, Washington is a favorite team.

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