Saturday, January 10, 2009

Titan's Fall On Turnovers; Coach Schwartz?

Here's hoping Monday the Lions announce Jim Schwartz as their new head coach, allowing him to get his pick of coordinators and a chance to coach the Senior Bowl. Tennessee lost to Baltimore in a huge defensive battle that ended up 13-10 with a FG coming by Baltimore in the final seconds.

I did find another interesting tidbit about something I thought I saw in the game. Haven't seen replays, but I guess it wasn't challenged, but likely could have been though I'm not sure it would have been overturned.

Joe Flacco -- the much lauded Rookie QB of the Ravens, "nearly" stepped out of the endzone on a pass play at the beginning of their final drive. It was VERY close, and he didn't even realize where he was. Literally a couple more inches, and he would have pulled an Orlovsky -- only he likely would have cost his team a 12-10 playoff loss. DanO was essentially, when it comes to game experience, a rookie this year and that is the kind of thing that newly-starting signal callers will do.

Just reiterates to me more that with how much DanO was improving, they should re-sign him -- and go a different direction other than QB in the draft this season and see what they have for the long haul in Stanton and DanO. If they don't like what they see, get a QB in 2010.

Go Chargers!! Go Lions!!!


Isphet said...

Now THAT was some serious defense in that game. I'd be happy with either Ryan or Schwartz after seeing that game. Of course, Rex Ryan is going to be the hot hire now because his team's kicker misses less field goals, but those of us that are more intelligent know to look past little trivialities like that to the more pertinent facts.

And the fact is, both of those guys know how to coach defense. Something the Lions need desperately. Hopefully the Lions take a serious shot at one of these guys.

Anonymous said...

Schwartz rarely blitzes. We had a recent DC who would not blitz. With a poor line, the QB had all day to pick apart the Defense.
I am not that knowledgeable about either, but I want Ryan since he blitzes.


JJLions20 said...

The hiring of a Head Coach is more about philosophy and the type of team he wants. And then building to that philosophy. Marenelli was a good teacher of defense but it didn’t work because he did not implement his vision of an offense (he implemented Martz’ offense), with a finesse defense. The WCO didn't make it because it was a finesse offense. The Cover-2 is basically a bend but don't break defense that is built on speed, proper technique, and everybody being in the right place at the right time. I think the front office and the HC will all have the same Philosophy. Big and physical. Aggressive on defense and run the ball on offense with aq physical zone blocking scheme. With that as the guiding light this draft should not be about a QB in the first 4 picks.

I have not seen that stands out that will help the Lions more than all others, and therefore has to be selected at #1. So I have a controversial Idea/plan. I'd say trade the #1 pick and don't worry about getting "Value" in the trade. That may sound weird but let me tell you why it makes sense.
There are 3 OT's in the top 10 are projected to be of high caliber. There aren't many defensive players projected in the top 5. But you can get the pick of the any defensive players in pick 5-10 if you have to drop that low. So you don't need to break another teams bank to allow them to move up and guarantee they get the player they want. There is a chart of some kind in the NFL that has to do with value of picks when trading. The Lions don't need to get two #1's for the 1st pick if they move down a few spots. Entice a team to move up by a willingness to accept under value. So for example, wouldn't the Lions be better off getting Seattle’s #4 pick and their high 2nd rounder. It may not be what the book says is "Value" for the #1 pick, and dropping from #1 to #4, but we need to focus on improving the team not "value" of a trade.
Take Ohler, Smith, or Monroe with the 1st round pick (#4). Move Backus to Guard (and you'll also have a back-up at LT). Solidify the line and Run the football.
Now use the #20, #33, #37, and the two third round picks on the best defensive players on the board. Given that the best Guards in the draft often slide to the third round, I'd be willing to take a highly rated guard with one of those two third rounder’s, especially if they can play Center.
I don't believe the Lions have a 4th rounder, so if they want to take a flyer on a developmental QB in the 5th that’ fine. But I agree with DetFan1979. Give Orlovsky the full training camp, preseason, and regular season to see if his reading of Defenses improves and his reaction time improves. Let him learn how to gauge Johnson's abilities. The game plan should be run the ball. play action and try to hit Johnson when safety drops in the box.
Give Stanton Opportunities when the present themselves. Continue the development of these two kids.
The other thing to remember is Lewand is in a power position now. He will know not to tie up big cap $$$ in a franchise QB want-to-be, when in another year or so the NFL will introduce some type of rookie salary cap. Why gamble on bankrupting the team on a QB that is not named Manning. Drafting a QB early is still a crap shoot. For every Peyton Manning there is a Ryan Leaf. There are years where the Can’t miss QB’s (#1 Carr, #3 Harrington) simply miss.

RIP said...

Just doing some nutty (or nothing) thinking if the Lion's drafted an OT with the first pick.
If we to draft a LT first overal, and move Backus to RG, our interior line would make too much money and the starters would be approximately 22% of our salary cap.
By moving Backus to RG, he would be one of the top paid guards in the NFL. By cutting him, the team would save about 1.7 million on the LT position, and would not upgrade another none OL position.
He could very well be a dominate guard with his athletic ablility, strength, and technique. He is not as strong as Mulitalo, or Ramirez, but the other skills of his in a zone blocking may be worth the cash.
So by taking a LT with the first pick and moving Backus to RG, our OL and interior lineman would be the highest paid position groups in the NFL.
This would not be a smart investment to move forward, unless Backus is cut.
Our first pick pick needs to be on a QB or defense.

RIP said...

I correct myself in that our first choice should be resigning DanO.
If the Haynesworth from Tennesee is not signed, then I stand buy my previously stated draft.
Our draft at the top should be on the defenses side of the ball with emphasis on large defensive tackles and versatile cornerbacks, with a MLB thrown in there in the 3rd round. Look at a QB in the fifth if potential is better than a returner or backup guard.

CHIEFGER139 said...

whats with the oralsky ban waggon
hes terrible-let him go any of the others already on contract are just as good if not better

RIP said...

Most quarterback are viewed as terrible when the team lose. Do believe DanO would have given the Chargers a better chance to win than Rivers who was the fourth overall pick of the Giants. And the Giants took him to try the trade for Eli, for Eli stated before the draft that he would not sign with the Chargers.

detroitsims said...

I think they should re-sign Dano! Besides the fact that we sucked something fierce this season he did play well. I remeber someone sayin awhile back that he kind of reminded them of Kyle Orton of the bears. He did what he was asked to do, Manage the game. He had a couple of bad does every QB in the NFL! What do you expect from a kid that finally got some REAL playing time for the fisrt time since he was drafted??? I didnt expect him to come out and play life Peyton or anything! I think its worth a shot to re-sign him and give him a chance to fight it out with Stanton and see what we have. Spend all those draft picks on defense!!!!! Thats where we are hurting the most.

As for coaches...I am not really sure who I am sold on yet. I know that someone has to be better that the job Rod did thats for sure. I think I'd like to see Ryan as head coach just for the simple fact of they way that defense has been playing for so many years now! Who knows though...Lets hope that they are looking at everyone and make the right call. We need a reason to cheer for this team besides cheering for an 0-16 season like a lot of Lions fans I know!!! You can see most of them on M-Live as we all know so well.

Isphet said...

I think the Lions should certainly TRY to re-sign Dan O., but only if the price is right. This year's batch of free-agent Quarterbacks is pretty sad; he might get offered a ridiculous contract to play somewhere else. He's probably not worth getting into a bidding war over.

If the Lions can't retain Dan O., then what? Go with Kitna for the final year of his contract and draft a QB to groom for a year? And where do you draft the QB? With the first pick, or do you take a flier on a QB in the later rounds? If you draft one with the first pick, you're ignoring fixing the defense yet AGAIN, which was Matt Millen's biggest sin in running the Lions. How do Stanton and Henson fit in to the equation? Are either one of those guys salvageable? You would hope at least Stanton is.

So many questions. Dan O. is possibly AN answer for the QB position, but not THE answer; know what I mean?

ClusterFox said...

One thing to think about. Every QB who doesn't come this year, will come next year.(Tebow, Sanchez, McCoy)
I'll go out on a limb, and say we are probably going to have an above average draft spot next year.

I Love JJlions thoughts, its just that everyone talks about moving down, I just don't think anyone wants to pay the #1 player.

I love Schwartz's comment about replacing Bobby Layne,maybe he's already putting the smoke screen out there to try to get someone to move up and get there choice of the 2 QBs.

One honest question, If DanO(who I like) is a one year stop-gap to develop a rookie, or play one next year. Why re-sign him,if Kitna is under contract and willing to play for us?

Sorry for the random thoughts, alot going thru my head right now.