Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Happenings - News Review

Just some random thoughts on the stories of the day to cap off our weekend here, pending breaking news on the coordinators front. Filling out staff is Schwartz's next priority. While I like the idea of Jeremy Bates, who called plays for Denver's high-powered offense last season as OC I'm not too high on Cunningham as DC. He didn't do so well in KC in his second stint and many sources feel he has lost a few steps (he is 62).

On the free-agent front, there is a rumor out there that Schwartz and the Lions are interested in PR/KR-CB Chris Carr. He fits the type of FA the Lions are targeting this Ifseason, and I think he would be a good pick-up.

Pat Caputo of the Morning Sun seems to think that the Lions are taking a better approach hiring a coach instead of a system this time out. Speaking of hiring, someone with the Freep did a half-baked attempt at looking at how hiring assistants has turned out as far as NFL coaches - but he didn't just rate Corrdinators, but guys who were position coaches as well, and didn't look at all of them. So what is the point?? No idea, but it may be a decent read.

There are some musings here about the first pick in the draft. I will have much more on this later in the ifseason - so consider this just a mini-primer. Even more absurd musing by BVO about Julis Peppers here! LOL -- when was the last time anyone gave up 2 1sts for a player like that? Jared Allen is a premier pass rusher of similar age, and last season he went for a 1-3-4, I believe -- and the 1 was #18. His team was trying to offload him in a youth movement, so he wasn't even demanding out. In this case, Carolina has no leverage whatsoever. It is an interesting thought (if they should decide to go to a 3-4) picking him up as it would definitely solidify the LB with Sims, Avril, Dizon, and Peppers -- but I haven't taken the time to look at it fully.

Maybe tomorrow.

Finally, want to say to the Wize Chief that our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we feel for your tragic loss. Shoot me an email if there is anything I can do.


Isphet said...

Julius Peppers isn't going to happen, period. Look at what the Lions have done so far, and you'll see an overall theme. The Lions are looking for youth and promise. A young GM, a young Head Coach; and I'm sure it will also show in any remaining hires the Lions make in all aspects: Assistant GM/Personnel guy, Coordinators and Positional coaches, and even free agents and players they might sign; they will all end up being pretty young. You can take that to the bank.

Any guy you hire for those positions is going to be a gamble, so why not gamble on a guy that potentially has his best years ahead of him instead of behind him? I would be shocked to see the Lions hire anyone older than 50, or sign a FA player much older then their mid 20s.

Mark in AZ said...

Agreed Peppers won't be here too much money and not the direction that their going.

How about Linahan for off. co?? he turned down the 49er's. Just a thought.

Go Lions.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i agree no julius peppers-no single player can fix this team-go with all the hungry young guys and rebuild-finally fixed my computer-needed a new monitor-i posted the obituary and my e-mail on the last article-
thanks for your prayers and thoughts it helps
glad to be on line again
the chief-go lions!!

Ty said...
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Ty said...

Hey Detfan, I was linked to your blog by Clusterfox. I've done a little browsing, and I really like both your analysis and the community that's developed around it. Expect to see me around . . .

As for this post, I have no problem with bringing in as many returners as possible. The lack of an even mediocre kick or punt returner kept our impotent offense deep in their own zone. An explosive returner could move the goal line an average of 5-10 yards closer on kickoffs . . . that's one less third down to convert before Hanson can ace a field goal! ;)

Oh, by the way, my own blog is at I edited this comment to fix some nasty spelling errors, and also to get my link in here! Hope to see you over there.


ClusterFox said...

BVO's article is insane. I would rather see them draft a QB 1st than to give both 1st rounders just to get a pressure specialist in a 3-4. I think Peppers comments reak of "me first". He'd rather go collect stats in a 3-4 than to be part a young talented team. Don't get me wrong, He's a stud speciman, but if his only desire is to get after the QB, than his size means nothing when you run right at him.

One detail about Schwartz that elevates him above the previous coach. "every snap" is not the same, some are more important. Schwartz analyzes stats to know how to devote time to specific areas during practice. I also noticed he was some sort of "3rd down coach" on his rise in Ten. He made a comment about how the 7 yard of offense you give up on 3 and 10 means very little. Finally, that makes sense. Rod would be continuing to look for guys who want to work harder than everyone else "every snap" 7 days a week. Admirable, but not likely nowadays. The key is to use every spot of a 53-man roster, and each of their specific skill sets and USE THEM for what they are good at. All the while, Drafting and training replacements for when players want there "Big Payday".

In FA we need to pick up guys who want their chance, not guys who want their check. Leave the big name guys alone.