Monday, January 12, 2009

Lots More Exciting Nothing!

Well, Jim Schwartz came. Held conference. And...ummm...well, really no other hard facts to report on fellows. It's still all in the speculation range. Though you have to love the Bobby Layne reference. Nice way to say "I'm interested enough in this job to be learning team history."

With quotes like that, the press conferences should be more fun if nothing else. He also stated he wants the challenge of turning around the Lions. It seems to be assumed going around that the Lions are his top suitor, and it doesn't appear at this point any other teams are going to get in a bidding war with the Lions. Spagnuolo has interviewed several places, but may be asking too much money -- and Frazier and Bowles appear to be on the radar of more teams than just the Lions.

Quick reply to one thing I've seen going about: Jim Schwartz only pressures with the front 4. 2 Things, really: he did much more blitzing/pressuring when he had a weak line and strong that he has the opposite, he depends on the line so as not to expose the secondary. In other words, he coordinated a defense and calls it based on his players, not just philosophy. I want to sprint with my girls and help them train to be athletes as they get older. And we sure as heck know how that plan would work! Plan to emphasize your strengths, cover your weaknesses. Nothing wrong with that.

To those in my FFB League: I haven't forgotten those of you who won prizes! Too much to do, too little time. I will get to it post-haste. Promise.

Great thoughts by everyone in the comments sections on this blog -- if you don't read them, go back and do so!! You're missing out on over half the fun if you don't!!

As for HC -- If they hire Schwartz, who do you want to see as OC/DC?

Right now, I wouldn't mind Bowles as DC and Linehan as OC. I could also go for Brian Schottenheimer as OC. He did well in that capacity with the Jets, and it wasn't his fault he had to pander to Favre this season, or that #4's arm gave out at the halfway point. Besides, the defense lost it for the Jets hands down second half of the season. Linehan was good in the OC capacity, and is one of those coaches who is just better as a coordinator than when they have the top spot.

I would, if I could have chosen a coach, picked Marty Shottenheimer -- not on the name, but based on the fact that he took every team he was with into the postseason. Sure, he had a horrendous postseason record -- but wouldn't ANY postseason record at this point be a huge accomplishment for a Lions coach?? Move on from there...

So, your thoughts? What did you think of Schwartz, and does anyone have a link to Video of the presser? Oh yeah, for those who don't know, this is something many teams, including Baltimore and Chicago have done in the past --- it was media availability, not a press conference per se. The cat was out of the bag that he was there for a second interview anyways, so why not make the most of it and see how he does in front of the press?


Isphet said...

I think Schwartz passed his tests with flying colors, personally. I wouldn't mind seeing him be the Lions' next coach.

That said, I hope they don't hire him yet before they talk to a few more guys; Spagnuolo, Ron Rivera, and Rex Ryan come to mind of course.

We can probably expect to see a few more press meetings from second-round interviewees; hopefully a few this week even. Leslie Frazier and Todd Bowles could both have second interviews and press time in the near future.

jreffy said...

I thought it rather odd that Schwartz held the press conference BEFORE his interview with Ford. On its face, that makes me think he's actively pursuing this job and showing the fans, and WCF, how serious he is about the job.

I'm not worried about coaches being disinterested in Detroit because of their poor record and lack of talent. The greatest challenge as a coach is to take a team and completely turn it around. Look at what turning around Tampa Bay did for Dungy, or New England for Belichick. Detroit is the kind of opportunity that coaches WANT, especially those who are trying to make a name for themselves.

I like Schwartz so far, but I'd like to hear more from Frazier and Spagnuolo as well. However, I think I'd be happy with any of those three (all defensive-minded coaches btw)

Anonymous said...

SCHWARTZ - Good intro presser, would be a good coach and has a very well-rounded background as a coach, and scout, and with cap numbers.

DENVER BRONCOS- Don't understand how that relationship dissolved as quickly as it did. Shanahan was horrible as a "GM", but WOW, I can't believe they hired Lane Kiffin, whoops, I mean McDaniel.

OC/DC I think Young Schottenheimer did a great Gene Wilder impersonation with his transformation for the Jet offense. Many plays were borrowed from the Packer offense at Brett's request to help him "ease" in to the transition. Most coaches aren't as flexible with their system. Shit, Mike Martz would still be telling Brett that his arm angle and drop was incorrect and would be trying to change it.

When you talk about coaches who teach to their talent, that coach to their talent, who play within their team's talent...that is what we need. Spagnuolo has done it, Schwartz has done it, Rivera has done it, Ryan has done it...Frazier hasn't-Bowles hasn't. Those two guys should be eliminated from the head coaching carousel. Could they be coordinators, sure. I think they apply things well and appear to be well-rehearsed for game day and make good changes at the half. But they are both system guys. The others think outside the box.

The other head coach/OC candidate I would like to discuss is Mike Shanahan. He hasn't been mentioned (which is wierd) in coaching jobs. Two rings. ALWAYS an explosive offense. Groomed three QB's in Denver, two others with Oakland. Very hard worker, smart and knowledgeble with linemen, and would probably work well with Coletto with the trap-blocking scheme.

CHIEFGER139 said...

schwartz is fine
get him if thats what you want-why wait any longer-and im starting to think a qb 1st may be the best move if theres a qb who can immediately start-1st picks come rare and cant pass a qb if hes there-the 20th pick could easily be another starter and our 2nd rounder too-actually should have 3-4 new starters out of this draft

ClusterFox said...

What happened that your thinking about a QB now? I ask because I think its becoming more apparent they probably won't pick a QB. IMO Bradford looks good but he'll get snapped like a twig behind our line, then Stafford just gives me a really bad Jeff George taste in my mouth.

And a couple thoughts on subject. Schwartz-Knows scouting(Gotta love that)
Defese minded, but flat out said he plans on putting in 100+ hours of HC work a week and Won't have time to run the D.(Honest about what is expected, and Knowing the job can't be done by himself. I like it)
Press Conference- whether intentional or not, it secured him for the position if we want him. I don't hear anyone else talking to him. and He already started the smoke screens for the draft. "Gotta prepare to play outdoors in Dec and Jan in CHI or GB, so we need to be able to run and Stop the run" but "Qb is the most important position"(????)
I think I just confused myself typing that.

Last thing, maybe these last couple interviews are trying to get some info about the other OC and DC that are HC candidates to possibly come in and help turn this around under Schwartz?


dreamer1955 said...

Chief; if you read on the lions web site, they have a story about a foundation to build on. it lists 4 young players to build the team around. 2 were rookies last year (K.Smith & Gozder) 1 was C.J. (of course) and the 4th one was Orlovsky. This makes me think that the first pick will not be QB. I see a Mix of O-line and D-line in the first 3 rounds, then the best player at the time for the rest of the draft with the D being first choice.