Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Playoffs!!

What an exciting game on Sunday!! The Lions have not been lacking for electricity this season that is for sure!!!
How many games have come down to the final minute or less? Spectacular!


Forget about whining about the officiating in Green Bay (it was AWFUL) or the Detroit defense (neither defense deserved to win that game -- after all, the final score was 41-45 people!!) -- for the first time since 1999 our Detroit Lions are in the playoffs!!!

I know many of you will think I just woke up form a sugar coma after eating too much honolulu blue koo-aid and cupcakes but I think that Detroit has a great shot to win against New Orleans on Saturday night!

Not only did the Green Bay offense show it can roll no matter who is under center, so too did the Detroit offense show that it can hang with Green Bay score for score.  Lets not forget that Stafford ALSO topped 5,000 yards this season along with Brees and Brady.

The reason many pundits have said that New Orleans was the team to beat Green Bay in the playoffs is that Drew Brees and the Saints offense is the only group that could expect to possibly win a shootout with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense.  At this point, how do you not seriously have to put Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson (244 yards against the Pack) and the Lions offense into that group?

As for the "liability" of the Lions defense?  That is one thing all three of NFC's gun-slinging teams share -- or should I say lack?

Even when the Lions were losing games (or all the games) I have maintained that it wasn't about the wining (though I really prefer it!)  It was about being able to watch entertaining, exciting football and have fun as a fan. On that score the Lions have already delivered by far the best season of football I've seen since Barry was in a Lions uniform on the field.

Happy New Year!!

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