Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Longest Time...

I take my first tentative steps back into blogging about the Lions and find myself wondering if maybe I'm still sitting in the hospital having delusions.  Lions?  In Control of their Playoff Destiny?  The Detroit Lions, Playoffs -- in the same sentence, seriously, in December? 

8 wins?  I can barely remember 6 months ago (okay a few days ago) much less the last time the Lions had 8 wins or more.  I was not yet a parent - the Little Pink Lions were merely a glimmer of the future.  If we go back to when the Lions were in the playoffs, I was still in college. I was not yet married. 

In a year fraught with trials and tribulations, the Lions have been a pleasant bright spot.  So where have I been, you ask, that I am just now weighing in on this already 8 win season?

I injured my shoulder in January.  It turned out to be pretty severe (torn labrum, torn rotator cuff, and a bone spur just to top it off).  I finally had surgery on it in May.  Prior to the surgery it was just too much pain to sit at the keyboard and type, so my blogging trailed off.  The surgery had a few complications, and despite early promise after the surgery our house flooded.  So post surgery my father and I were ripping out and rebuilding the basement/first floor while I was also doing physical therapy. Toss in some family needing help, trying to catch up at work and I was pushing myself harder than I should have been.  Too hard.  Too soon.  Major blood pressure and fatigue issues led to Minor heart issues. I nearly collapsed and work and was hospitalized briefly. - I only call them minor as I was supremely blessed not to suffer any real permanent damage.  That episode sidelined me completely for over a month.  In September I headed back to physical therapy in what has been my routine and will be through the end of the year: get up at 4am.  Physical Therapy for two hours, get ready for work, go to the office until about 6.  Supper, Family time, bed.  Repeat. 

I've just been too tired to blog.  Now things are finally improving! Most of the pain is gone. I'm doing better balancing things.  The Little Pink Lions now each have their own brand new bedroom in the walk out basement/first floor. (We took the opportunity that the disaster created to make things better).  I'm afraid I still can't promise consistency for a while, though I will try. I don't even know how many of you are still reading -- I appreciate all of you who are!  I'v really missed blogging about the Lions, and it's been building for quite a while that I feel a need to start writing again. 

This experience has definitely given me a great respect for how much time and effort -- and pain -- football players go through; even those who are not injured.  For those who are and are still playing through it I feel I have a better understanding - and more sympathy for how it can effect their game.  While I haven't been blogging, I have been watching.  It has been an enjoyable and entertaining ride - I am excited to see how it ends!

Real football is being played in Detroit, and from the looks of it will be for years to come.  My health is improving, and I can see "normal" not so far distant in the future.  Live every day your best - because you never know what will happen in the next. 

Its good to be back


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