Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Scott!

Still in a frame of refernce in regards to Back to the Future (I need to watch the DVD's with the Pink Lions again) I couldn't help but think of a fun line from Back to the Future 3. 

Doc Brown has just passed out in the Saloon.  Mad Dog Tannen is going to be waiting outside in 10 minutes to kill Marty.  They need to leave to catch the train in fifteen minutes to get back to the future.  How long is the "wake up juice" going to take?  10 minutes. 

Marty looks out the window, looks at the doc, and then says "why do we always have to cut these things so close?!"

That's how I've felt about...oh, every game but Denver and Kansas City this season. 

The Lions have easily generated 1.21 Giggawatts in electrifying games so far in 2011
 The big difference from year's past?  The Lions are winning these close games most of the time.  Sure, you can question a lot of things about the Lions.  You can point to how some teams "lose X number of games by a touchdown or less" as to how they are so close to good.  That, however, has always been a hopeful misdirection.  A major Red Herring so to speak.  A large number of NFL games are decided by a touchdown or less every week.  The difference between playoff teams and teams going home is whether you can win more of those games than you lose.


The win-loss record speaks for itself.  The Lions have managed to win more of those close games (Tampa Bay, Dallas, Minnesota (twice), Panthers, Oakland) than they lost (49ers, Falcons).  That in and of itself is the major sign of a playoff team.   So too is that ability to come from behind while maintaining composure.  On the last two drives in Oakland, the Lions looked more like the preseason/5-0 start Lions than the mid-season Lions struggling to find a rhytm.

I will have a more detailed analysis of the game tomorrow, but suffice it to say as a fan this is the most exciting season of Lions football since Barry Sanders retired, hands down.   I'm not sure if any of them in recent memory have featured so many electrifying games. 

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