Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lions at Vikings Film Breakdown

Lions at Vikings Film Breakdown

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Tom “Killer” Kowalski has again done an excellent series of articles breaking down the film on the key plays of the Lions’ loss at the Vikings. Here they are linked in order:

  1. Can’t Complain about the Calls (at least not all of them)
  2. New Plays/Formations
  3. Shaun Hill Buys Time on One TD Pass
  4. Domino Effect of Blown Coverages
  5. Best Keeps Barry Comparisons Coming
  6. Poor Throw Costs TD
  7. Raiola Has Eventful Game
  8. Teams Will Isolate Wade
  9. Lions Lose shot at Momentum, Tie game
  10. Houston Robbed of INT, Lions of Fumble
  11. Total Collapse on Short Yardage Woes
  12. Lions Pushed Around on 80 yard TD

Ty at The Lions in Winter has some additional thoughts on the game - including a Viking Perspective. He also did a great read on 4th down decision making I strongly recommend that you check out.

Killer also did a nice piece that sums up my feelings on the Defensive Line and the Lions’ pass rush as well. Considering how badly the Lions secondary is doing now, imagine how it would have been with last year’s pass rush (or lack thereof). Can you say 21-0 by the end of the first quarter? It can’t be understated how much difference the pass rush is/will make for this team. It hasn’t shown up in the win column yet, but the Lions are no easy team to beat at this point — and teams are going to feel it. As I’ve been saying, the defense may not win the fight yet but the other team is sure going to know they were in one.

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