Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Film Breakdown – Eagles at Lions

Film Breakdown – Eagles at Lions

September 22nd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Tom Kowalski over at has started doing a great series where he breaks down the TV film integrating his insider info from the team into the equation. They are great pieces that give some insight into key plays. Here is the full listing of his articles for the Eagles at Lions game:

  1. Jahvid Best’s Explosion on Display
  2. Scheffler Ran Wrong Route
  3. Back to Back “Easy” Defensive Mistakes
  4. One Reason Can’t Find CJ
  5. Shaun Hill Second INT Avoidable
  6. Officials Are Terribly Inconsistent
  7. Defense Flopped on Final TD Run
  8. Final Four Plays Were a Nightmare

These are great reads, and I think sum up most of the thoughts I had re-watching the game as far as the breakdowns and errors. Some addtional thoughts on the game before we move on to looking at the Lions at Vikings matchup:

I liked what I saw out of Randy Phillips, while I was not liking what I saw out of CC Brown most of the time. Phillips looked like a rookie, but a rookie with upside. I would like to see him get to see some time next to Delmas as a way to see how he is really progressing. Still, he is a least playing at a solid backup level which is outstanding for an undrafted free agent.

The secondary was feeling the loss of Aaron Berry. So far, I like what I see out of Houston, but not what I’m seeing out of Wade. Not sure onAlphonso Smith yet.

At linebacker, the absence of Levy and the loss of Dizon is still being keenly felt in the middle of the field. 2 tackles at MLB Landon Johnson? Really? The defensive line is good, but not THAT good.

Considering how well Antonio Brown has played I can see why the Steelers decided to let Stefan Logan go — but it was a great pickup for the Lions that is already showing dividends. I would still like to see a couple more long returns, but it is early yet.

The Lions are getting better, but the best teams make the easy plays consistently, and the hard plays most of the time. Mediocre teams make the hard plays now and then, and the easy plays most of the time. The bad teams almost never make the hard plays, and make the easy plays look hard.

Any guesses as to where the Lions are still? I think it is dependent on how deeply Honolulu Blue tinted your glasses are… Personally, they are still a bad team at this point through two games, but are very close to becoming mediocre.

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One Response to “Film Breakdown – Eagles at Lions”

  1. By Andrew on Sep 22, 2010

    I agree that they’re a bad team, but close to becoming mediocre from your definitions. I think they’re getting better at consistently making tough plays (mostly courtesy of Best and the defensive line), but dubiously, they’re consistently miss on easy plays (4th and 1, dropped interceptions/passes, etc.)

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