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Suh Much for “Not More than Bradford”

Suh Much for “Not More than Bradford”

August 3rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Ndamukong Suh apparently got the message – as did his agents – that not “holding out” means sticking to the contingency plan the Lions laid out and getting him into camp ASAP. He signed a 5 year deal, with $40 million in guarantees, that is good for the both the Lions and Suh.

What I don’t like about his agent, Eugene Parker et al — and feared from the beginning — is that they would end up with a deal that was, essentially, what they could have ended up with prior to camp — or at worst on Sunday after McCoy & Bradford were signed. This deal, in my mind, took two days too long to get done. While I agree with Killer Kowalski that it is, at this point, no harm no foul as long as Suh shows up in top form and gets right into the thick of it the whole mess was unnecessary.

This afternoon, for instance, on the Mlive Forums, it was pretty much consensus of the gathered fans that the following held true (as summarized by slamjam):

867312. Lets look at the Suh contract comparisons

by slamjam, 8/3/10 16:15 ET

1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma – Signed (6-years, $78M/$86M max; $50M guaranteed)
2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma – Signed (5-years, $63M max; $35M guaranteed)

4. Washington Redskins – Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma – Signed (6-years, $60M max; $36.75M guaranteed)

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee – Signed (6-years, $60M; $34M guaranteed)

We’re probably looking to get Suh a little more than McCoy in Guaranteed money, but less than Bradford.

We’re probably looking to stay $35-40 million guaranteed, while Suh and his agents might be looking to get closer to Bradford’s $50 million.

I say 6 years, $70 million with $40 million guaranteed sounds fair

It was pretty much agreed by all this is where the deal would end up — even Dominic Raiola who is in the middle of camp (where Suh should have been) could put the numbers together. Suh ended up with 5 years 68 mil total, 40 mil guaranteed.

Upon further review, NetRat gets down to the nitty gritty contract parsing, and finds some startling points – Suh’s contract may not seem to be more than Bradford’s but look again:

867396. Suh gets MORE then Bradford

by the_NetRat, 8/3/10 20:48 ET

not sure if anyone did the math yet.

$78 mill total and 6 years for Bradford equals $13 mill a year even.

$68 mill total (if maxed) and 5 years equals $13.6 mill a year.

Very nearly match Bradford in guaranteed money as well. $50 mill over 6 years is $8.333 mill per year. Suh’s $40 mill over 5 years is $8 mill a year even… only $333,333 per year difference (on average).

And to get to this point Suh’s agents had to lower their price… obviously Killer was right, the asking price WAS more then Bradfords to begin with.

Jay_Glazer: Lions agree to 5 year deal worth a base of 60 million that could max to 68 million w 40 guaranteed for Suh

Before you all think I’m not excited, back up to what I said when the Lions Congregation addressed this issue:

“In the end, I feel the Lions and Suh’s agents are already in the same ball park, and that they will get a deal done by the 3rd of August at the latest (that is prior to the 5th day of camp).”

He made it (just) before my self imposed you jerk fan deadline, so I’m all good with it. I just can’t wait to see the O-line get tested and forged under fire as Suh brings another dimension to the Lions D-line. No more stories about Stafford/Hill having all day to throw. I want to hear stories of the vaunted, gritty battles between the underhyped offensive line and much hyped defensive line. This way, I can have some sliver of hope come game day that BOTH lines blow up their opponents.

It’s exciting to see camp under way — the stories are really starting to flow in and now we can finally view the roster start to take shape.

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2 Responses to “Suh Much for “Not More than Bradford””

  1. By chiefger139b on Aug 6, 2010

    I’m glad suh signed and he’s in camp within the 1st week-why its so important we win 5-6 games this year-cant afford these top draft picks every time-need to find the good needs in the middle of the pack like offensive lineman etc that dont cost an arm and a leg!! hopefully were done with the top 5 draft picks!!

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  2. By Stephen Tong on Aug 10, 2010

    This is the first time I’m actually excited to see how our defense will perform. Its going to be a great year.

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