Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ndramakong Suh?

Ndramakong Suh?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This is exactly why the rookie system needs to change. First, Tom Condon’s agency represented 4 of the top 5 picks, so they could dictate the flow of all the negotiations. Bradford ended up signing for 20% over Stafford’s “Illogical” deal last year — yikes! Then with what McCoy signed for it put the Lions in the unenvious position of having to pay their first round draft pick more than their franchise QB!

I do think that is where the problem lies right now – the Lions want something slightly less than Stafford’s deal – or a longer contract. Suh’s agent Parker is a holdout king, and now we know that “not holding out” meant coming to camp as soon as he signed – irregardless of when camp started. The Lions even structured camp so the heavy stuff started Monday – anticipating time to get Bradford & McCoy signed to get Suh slotted in there. As of right now, that slotting hasn’t happened.

NetRat has the a good analysis using what info we know and taking into account what is rumored. I’m hoping he is right, and that a deal will be done soon. If it’s better than Bradford money that Parker is going for…this could get ugly. Dominic Raiola, continuing his spirit of being an outspoken leader, called out Suh today. Raiola also said the Lions O-Line will surprise, and prove it can not only stand up to the improved defensive line, but be a top unit in the league. We’ll see — this is the IF season where all things are possible – but the actual season will see how this all plays out.

My thoughts? Don’t prove me wrong Suh. I said you’d be in camp today so you have (checks clock) about 7 1/2 hours to get this done. Don’t be (as NetRat so deftly borrowed from Darkoosstache of Mlive) Ndramakong. Please be the excellent character guy who will bust his backside to make the Detroit Lions defense feared – who will help revive the Silver Rush, not be more concerned about the “gold rush”…

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