Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not So “Free” Agency

Not So “Free” Agency

February 21st, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

First off, for those of you following long term here, you will be happy to know that my mother-in-law’s house sold. While it will be a lot of work for us to get everything packed away in the next few weeks, it is one more step as we try to move forward. This, along with a busy work schedule, has led to a distinct lack of posting — you have my apologies.

Still, I couldn’t help but think that something was missing this year — then it struck me: Salary Cap and Coaching changes. Other than the relatively mild change at Special Teams coach this is the first season in almost 10+ years the Lions have not changed head coach, OC, DC or both. While this is a very positive development that will also help bring consistency and continuity to the team — it does lead to a little less excitement this time of year.

Also missing are the endless Salary Cap discussions — who are likely salary cuts, who can and can’t be cut or traded away/traded for due to their relative cap hits. While it does simplify life a little bit, it does lead to a few things missing after all this time.

Finally, though, it really hit me when I was reading this Don Banks article on the changes to Free Agency this season with the uncapped year. Whilethe players aren’t really happy about the changes, neither are teams looking for free agency help! Both teams and players are bracing for a lockout, but there will unfortunately be plenty of time to write about that next year, I fear.

What concerns me is that as I kept scanning rosters and articles for potential free agents the Lions could consider to fill some of their needs, I keep coming up with the same result: Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that most players worth signing as a long term fix (Amano, who re-upped for 5 years with the Titans) are being locked up by their current teams. Restricted free-agents will take draft-picks to sign — and how many of those are you willing to give up?

This leaves a thin pool of older players that were not re-signed by their current clubs (usually for a very good reason) and a host of dollar ninjas and short-term hole pluggers (assuming they have enough left in the tank). Personally, the combination of all the different points missing — salary cap and meaningful free agents, especially — is making this ifseason feel more like it is occurring in 1992 — Pre-Free Agency heading for labor strife — than 2010.

Nope. Free Agency just doesn’t feel very “free” this ifseason…

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6 Responses to “Not So “Free” Agency”

  1. By Clusterfox on Feb 22, 2010

    Very Very True. I myself am a fan of picking up the dime store ninjas in FA, and Leaving the old tarnished Buzz light year for some other team to have. But I am greatful that the one somewhat short term need we have is an area that seems to be avoided by alot of teams, and that is old(experienced) RB. I would much rather see us over pay for an experienced RB, than to gample with an early pick on one.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not drooling over these guys as saviors. But with guys like LT, Jamal Lewis,& Deangelo Williams, I think there is some veteran leadership, and Atleast maybe alittle tread left on the tires to help out while we get our young guys healthy. This is one time I’d like to see us go after the Buzz Lightyear, that doesn’t have wings anymore, but from a distance still looks like the guy you would’ve paid 50 bucks for a couple years ago.


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  2. By Clusterfox on Feb 22, 2010

    Chester Taylor? He’s from River Rouge originally if I remember correctly, Played for Toledo. Sorry I won’t throw out anymore names, But with Killer talking about it again.(AAAUUUGGHH) I just seems stupid for us to figure out a way to get a RB from a weak class in this years draft.


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  3. By detfan1979 on Feb 22, 2010

    Feel free to keep throwing out names! Most sites/reporters are being too lazy to figure out who is restricted vs unrestricted, and it is throwing off my usual sources for possible free agents. Throw in teams putting various tender offers (ie required draft compensation) on players that I can’t seem to find and it makes it a confusing, muddled mess.

    Personally, I’m just fine with Morris-Brown-Free Agent (any of the ones you mentioned)- recovering KSmith this year, and hit it next yera if the right guy isn’t there. Fortunately, I have faith the new Lions front office won’t reach for a guy just for the sake of taking him — they will stick to their guns and go BATFAN. (crosses fingers and hopes they stick with it) Fortunately, barring a trade down, I just don’t see the “right” type of talent being on the board when the Lions are picking to provide the BATFAN rating needed to be the selection versus a trade down or a different player. Look for those round 2, 3, and 4 picks to be traded in for additional picks if at all possible.

    One good thing about depth in this draft is that there will be a lot of guys with similar BATFAN ratings they will be happy with, so thus able to have more flexibility in trading (like last year getting Levy and Hill for the top of 3 pick). I agree — I don’t want to see them take a abck just because they want one — I don’t see it happening unless trades are made that change where they are picking.

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  4. By Clusterfox on Feb 23, 2010

    Wow, I guess your right.Now the det news is running with the Chester Taylor idea. I’m not getting a big head or anything, but I posted on Birk’s eye last year before the draft that we weren’t going after the LBs everyone wanted, because we were going to sign foote. I never new theses magic eight balls really worked. Anyways I truely hope we are right. As you mentioned The 2nd Rounder is going to have huge BATFAN value, and that is the one KIller thinks we would use on the likes of Dwyer. I would much rather see, well to be honest, anything(including WR) before they draft a RB.


    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  5. By witless chum on Feb 23, 2010

    I don’t see a problem with grabbing an over-the-hill type back to team with the guys we have. (I continue to harbor an irrational, green and white koolaid-fueled belief that T.J. Duckett would still be an asset) Maurice Morris doesn’t have the wear and tear of the average back his age and he was pretty effective late last year.

    I hope the tightness in the FA market makes teams who like they can contend more desperate to get the guy they want in the draft and allows the Lions to execute a trade down or two to grab more picks.

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  6. By detfan1979 on Feb 23, 2010

    I’m all for them getting a stopgap back to pair with Morris and see how K. Smith recovers. I want them to have the “needs” filled so they are less inclined to go against plan and “reach” for any player.

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